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The Walking Dead (‘Dumb Ways To Die’ Style)

It was only a matter of time, given how much the Internet loves “Dumb Ways To Die” and the hit AMC series The Walking Dead. Behold, the parody that combines the two: Watch the original here, and don’t forget to …

“Dumb Ways To Die” Gets The Video Game Parody It Deserves
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I think we can all agree that “Dumb Ways To Die” is the most delightfully macabre video to hit the Internet in years. The viral ad, created for Melbourne’s Metro system, illustrates some rather idiotic ways in which a person …

Melbourne Metro’s “Dumb Ways to Die” Campaign Is Rather Brilliant
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Trains are dangerous things. And if you’re not careful around them, you could end up dying in the dumbest way possible. That’s the message behind a new viral ad campaign for Melbourne, Australia’s Metro Trains. They’ve tapped a local artist …