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“19 Kids And Counting” Source Says Jim Bob Duggar Did Not Want Spinoff Show For Daughters

19 Kids And Counting has left a lot of people split on the internet; while some are happy that the show was cancelled by TLC following the revelation that eldest son Josh Duggar molested several underage girls when he was 14, fans are devastated and were hoping for the rumored spinoff–which was said to be in the works with Duggar …

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Montel Williams Fight Over Josh Duggar Drags Lena Dunham, Conservatives In

Montel Williams is speaking out about the 19 Kids and Counting scandal. Josh Duggar is catching hell from all sides lately over his admission that he molested five young girls when he himself was 14 years old. When the news came out, he released a statement that expressed how he felt, but said nothing of his victims, some of whom …

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“19 Kids And Counting”: New Season Focus On Dillards

19 Kids and Counting will be starting the new season on February 17th. According to the Duggar family blog, the new season will have a lot of focus on Jill and Derick Dillard. The Dillards are still sort of newlyweds and are getting ready for their first child, a boy, due in March. They reportedly have some home videos of …

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19 Kids and Counting: Duggar Homophobia Petition Doubles Signatures Overnight

An online petition asking TLC to cancel the Duggars’ 19 Kids and Counting reality show saw its support numbers double overnight last night. The petition was started because of the alleged homophobic activities of Michelle Duggar and other Duggar family members. When we told you about the petition yesterday there were just over 50,000 signatures gathered since it was started …

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Duggar Family: Daughters Reveal Struggles

The Duggar family is close and very connected to God. Their religion requires strict rules when it comes to dating and boys and although the Duggar daughters try to follow these rules and make their parents proud, they admit that it can be hard sometimes. Growing up in a family of 19 kids can be rough and the four oldest …

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