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Redditor ‘Socializes’ Duckling Using Beard

In a series of revealing photos, a Reddit user known as ‘Spongi’ has documented his rearing of an abandoned duckling named “Peeps,” using his beard in place of its mother’s wing. While unsuccessfully attempting to hatch chicken eggs, Spongi inadvertently came across the duckling – “So my first attempt to hatch out chicken eggs failed, except it turns out one …

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Ducks Invade New York CVS Pharmacy

Wayward ducks descended upon a Saratoga Springs, New York CVS Pharmacy branch last week, only to be subdued with a Swiffer mop and a bag of popcorn. In a video uploaded to YouTube by a user named Aplue, one can see the badelynge of roughly 50 daft ducks, who were able to bypass the entrance and run amok (not really, …

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3D Printing Let This Duck Walk Again

3D printing is doing some amazing things in the world of prosthetics. A little boy born without a hand was recently given one through an open-source 3D printer project, and now a duck born with a foot deformity is back on his feet. Buttercup the duck, who has more than 10,000 likes on Facebook, is the first duck to get …

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Portland Police Brake for Ducks, Even in Hot Pursuit

This may be the most intense police pursuit you’ve ever seen. Traffic Officer Mark James of the Portland Police Bureau caught a car doing 52 in a 35, endangering the lives of every motorist on the road. Hot on the trail and catching up to the speeder, James hit a roadblock. Inncent lives were at stake. Of course, officers are …

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Baby Duck Falling Asleep Continues To Capture The Internet’s Heart

This video of a baby duck falling asleep, or struggling to stay awake, rather, has been around for about a year. In fact, in a couple days, it will be the video’s one-year anniversary on YouTube. According to search data from Yahoo, searches for “baby duck falling asleep” are up 590% this week. Clearly interest is holding strong. Melting hearts …

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