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Guy Plays Dubstep on a My First Sony [VIDEO]

Just give this guy some speakers, a decent light show, and a few thousand sweaty twenty-somethings and you’ve got yourself one hell of a concert. I wish I could’ve been this good at playing my toys back in the 80s. [MrRichestKing]

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SoundCloud Unveils the Dropometer to Ruin Every Dubstep Song You Know

In one of my favorite internet-related April Fools jokes of the day, SoundCloud has just introduced the Dropometer (trademarked, of course). The Dropometer is simple, but oh so very useful. All it does is tell you the exact point in a dubstep song at which you can expect the drop. “The drop in a track can be unpredictable and surprising. …

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Dubstep Bird Is the Reason the Internet Exists

Drop the bass, WUB WUB WUB. This bird would be a pretty huge hit at the club. You could just mic it up and sit it on Skrillex’s shoulder. Somebody get on this, stat. Other than the Vertical Video Syndrome, there’s really nothing not to like about this video. It’s a bird, singing dubstep. I’m pretty sure that the internet …

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Fruit Ninja IRL, with Bonus Dubstep (and a Cat) [VIDEO]

Slow-motion, an oversized ninja, horses, fruit, swords, dubstep, swords, FLYING CATS. Why are you not already watching this? Seriously, stop reading this. If you keep reading this I’m just going to gradually turN It iNtO sUPeR aNnOYiNG FAcEBooK gIRL tYPe… [scottdw via Fark]

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Annoyed Neighbor Audiotapes Sexy Time: Posts on Soundcloud

Reddit user melanieeritchie “had a friend” that was kept up all night by his neighbors having sex in the apartment next door. As retribution, he made an audio tape of the incident and posted it on Soundcloud. He then left this message on their door to let them know what he’d done. Do not go to the address posted above, …

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Dubstep Tebow: All He Does Is Drop The Bass

I just downloaded the “#1 rated Tebow app in the App Store,” and after playing around with it for a bit I’ve determined that you should too. Despite cringing upon hearing that there could be an entire category called “Tebow apps,” I have to say that I laughed pretty hard while tinkering with the new Dubstep Tebow app from Electric …

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