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What is DTD?

I have been designing websites since 1996. In the beginning, it was so easy.

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The Importance of HTML / XHTML Validation

In Part One I discussed the Benefits of HTML Validation.

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Beginning XML – Part IV(Basic Schema Of A DTD)

In the following two articles, I’m going to wrap up my pondering on XML. We’ll explore the basic schema of a DTD, and the future of XML.

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New Headaches with IE 6

Of all the changes to IE 6, perhaps the most important for Webmasters is the addition of dual CSS rendering engines. While this new feature helps Internet Explorer comply with the W3C HTML standards, it may also break your existing Web pages.

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Wireless Markup Language 101

If you missed the previous article that led to this one, you can find it here:

Below are some of the mechanics of the language:

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