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Drumstick Corsage: KFC Spices Up Prom Night

Are you looking for a way to make prom night more interesting? If so, KFC has just the thing for you: a drumstick corsage. No, we aren’t joking, nor is this a belated April Fools’ Day joke. KFC is really selling a corsage kit that you attach a drumstick to for $20. You may be wondering why KFC is selling …

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Drumstick Corsage: KFC’s Prom-Worthy Offering

What’s stylish, romantic, floral, and finger-lickin’ good? It’s the Chicken Corsage from KFC, and it’s the real deal. KFC went up in arms—or rather, drumsticks—with Louisville-based florist Nanz & Kraft to come up with a killer accessory for prom season. The two Kentucky companies’ limited-edition corsage kit costs $20 and comes with a KFC gift card worth $5 that can …

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