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Von Miller Cheats NFL Drug Test

Denver Broncos’ linebacker, Von Miller, is in hot water with NFL officials these days, and he’s not alone. According to ESPN, Miller enlisted the expertise of an NFL urine collector employed with the league’s drug-testing program. The effort was vastly unsuccessful. League sources indicate that this type of action will subsequently alter the how the NFL’s collection testing procedure is …

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U.S. Mom Gets Paid Over Poppy Seed Drug Test

The idea that a person could cause a false positive on a drug test by eating a poppy seed bagel used to be the stuff of lore. Hardly anyone really believed it, but it got whispered around among people who were looking to pass drug tests as a condition of pre-employment or for probation. If you tested positive, tell them …

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Florida’s Welfare Drug Test Program Costs the State Money

The New York Times is reporting the recent Florida law requiring welfare applicants to submit to a drug test has actually cost the state $45,7870 since its inception in July, state documents are showing. The law was approved amidst the guise that it would save taxpayers on welfare costs and deter drug users from collecting from the government to support …

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