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Watch An iPhone 5 Get Dropped From 100,000 Feet [Video]

If you’re the kind person who likes to watch phone drop test videos, you’ve probably seen a few for the iPhone 5 by now. But have you seen one in which the device was dropped from 100,000 feet? G-Form has posted this video promoting its latest iPhone case. They drive to the desert, and send the device up with a …

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Samsung Stress Tests Its Phones With Robot Butts

Every new smartphone and tablet must go through a YouTube stress test. It’s somewhat of an unwritten rule of the Internet. The drop test is by far the most popular, but others put smartphones through some rather creative trials. Hammering a nail into some wood with a Lumia 900 is pretty cool, but it’s got nothing on Samsung’s own stress …

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You Must Go To Great Lengths To Destroy A Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia makes some tough hardware. The company’s previous phones have proven to be all kinds of durable. Somebody even tried to hammer a nail into the screen, and it wouldn’t even crack. The next logical experiment is seeing how much abuse the Nokia Lumia 920 can take. The folks at PhoneBuff decided to put the Nokia Lumia 920 through its …

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iPad Mini Squares Off Against The Nexus 7 In A Drop Test

The iPad Mini launched around the world today to smaller crowds than usual. Even then, excited owners of the newest toy may accidentally drop the device. That’s why it’s important to know just how much pain the iPad Mini can take before you start taking it on sight seeing trips. That being said, it would be boring to destroy just …

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Microsoft’s Surface Still Works After A 30-Inch Drop

The Surface YouTube channel has finally started showing signs of activity recently as Microsoft drums up the hype for its entry into the tablet market. The base $499 device has already sold out, but Microsoft still has plenty of hype left. Today’s hype comes courtesy of a drop test that’s shot in first-person. Microsoft recently shared a video that’s shot …

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iPhone 5 Looks Like It Can Take a Beating

A teardown of the just-released iPhone 5 showed a massive improvement in its repairability, especially when it came to how easily the iPhone 5 glass is removed compared to the iPhone 4S. If the results from this durability test are accurate across the board, you may not have to worry about replacing your screen. Courtesy of iFixYouri, watch the new …

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