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Verizon Gets Three New Droids From Motorola This Year

The talk of the town regarding Motorola is its new Moto X smartphone that’s scheduled to be unveiled on August 1. Before they get to that, however, Motorola has unveiled the three new members of its Droid family for Verizon. At an event today, Motorola announced the Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx and Droid Mini. Motorola says the three phones represent …

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DROID 2 Global Getting A Software Update

Hot on the heels of news that Samsung announced, then denied, that their Galaxy S II phone would be getting an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Motorola’s DROID 2 Global is getting an update of its own. But not to Ice Cream Sandwich. The DROID 2 Global, which is an older model, is getting an update to an …

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Verizon Explains Stance On Bootloaders To FCC

Verizon has responded to a complaint filed to the FCC concerning the locking of bootloaders on its Android phones. The lockdown, done to prevent users from rooting their Android phones, has long been a sore point for many Android users. Rooting, like jailbreaking an iOS device, allows a higher degree of customization than the OS itself is designed to allow. …

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SNL Spoofs Verizon’s 4G LTE Ads

Saturday Night Live has been accused by some people these days of not being that funny anymore and that all of its good actors have moved on. SNL proved last night that they still got it. A sketch last night on SNL spoofed Verizon’s ads where a person walks into a store to look for a new phone while an …

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Delta Knows We Hate Delays and Love Twitter, Wi-Fi, & Facebook

I love to fly, but what I hate are the lines, the delays, and the impersonal service. To top it all off, on long flights, I feel like i’m in a time warp and out of touch with reality during the whole process. No cell phone usage, no internet connection, and occasionally being forced to watch some movie I’d rather …

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Verizon Expanding 4G LTE Network To Five New Markets

Verizon announced today that they are expanding their 4G LTE network. The network will be activated in five new markets tomorrow and expanded in three others. Tomorrow’s launches bring the total number of markets with access to the 4G network to 195. Verizon will flip the switch tomorrow on networks in Glens Falls and Utica in New York, Brownsville and …

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