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EMI on DRM: Show Us The Money First

Earlier this month, rumors began swirling around EMI’s supposed efforts to extend the olive branch to online music retailers by considering the prospect of making the company’s audio catalog available in a non-DRM hindered format.

DRM And The Music Industry

Steve Jobs created a stir earlier this month when he published his anti-DRM open letter to the music industry. A majority of the music industry viewed the letter as a threat to their income. Independent US labels felt they were left out of the conversations entirely, since they currently sell music without DRM.

EMI Considers Pulling the Plug on DRM

Earlier this week, Steve Jobs wrote an open letter in which he criticized the major record labels for demanding stringent copy-protection technology that limits the flexibility of the music to be played across different device platforms.

Representatives from Warner have rebuffed Jobs’ assertion that the elimination of DRM would bolster the online music market, citing potential privacy concerns.

EMI, however, is rumored to be looking at ways to unlock the DRM on its musical catalogue.

Steve Jobs Speaks Out Against DRM

Apple has been the object of much ire concerning the encoding of its

Record Labels Balk At Ad-Driven Downloads
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Earlier this week, Baidu announced a partnership with EMI to bring streaming music to Chinese users by implementing an advertising supported free digital music network. There are other companies eager to take this sort of approach, but the major record labels are reluctant to embrace such practices.

Germany, France Join Crusade Against iTunes

Consumer groups from France and Germany have joined a European coalition aimed at forcing Apple to make files downloaded from its iTunes music store compatible with digital music players manufactured by competing companies.

Rumors Swirling Around Apple’s Fairplay DRM

Tech.co.uk is reporting that Apple will announce this week that it is opening up it’s Fairplay DRM so that it may be licensed by device manufacturers who are members of the “Made for iPod” group of manufacturers.

Alan Cox Files DRM Patent

Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology is a method of content protection that can limit the use of content to specific platforms, devices or other such methods as deemed by the content manufacturer. The practice has been widely scrutinized as of late, specifically in terms of digital music.

DRM Is On Life Support

Digital Rights Management (DRM) has been a topic of much buzz and speculation throughout the blogosphere over the past several months. With the advent of rival content providers offering music in non-DRM formats, the practice seems to be standing on its last legs.

2007: The Year that DRM Died
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This year promises to mark even more innovations in the realms of marketing, search, and digital music technology. The greatest feat of 2007 may not come in terms of an addition, but rather the removal of Digital Rights Management (DRM) practices from online music stores such as iTunes and the Zune marketplace.

A New Year’s Wish List

There were a lot of significant advances in 2006 in the digital realm. Google prospered, YouTube exploded onto the scene, and the Internet overtook newspapers in the hierarchy of information consumption. What does this year hold in store for the technological landscape?

Apple Faces Lawsuit Over DRM
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Apple has faced a fair amount of scrutiny in recent weeks concerning the Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology tied to its online music store, iTunes. It now appears that the company is in for a legal battle over its DRM practices as well.

Apple’s Stance on DRM Is Rotten to the Core

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates invited a slew of influential Web 2.0 bloggers to a one-hour, anything goes summit meeting this afternoon. While a bevy of topics were discussed, one item that rose to the forefront of discussion was the controversial topic of Digital Rights Management (DRM).

DRM Spells Trouble for Apple, iTunes
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Earlier this week, Yahoo released singles by Norah Jones and Relient K in unprotected mp3 formats as part of an ongoing experiment looking at the viability of offering music tracks that are free of DRM (Digital Rights Management) constraints, which have had audiophiles the world over crying “foul” for quite some time.

Media Player 11 DRM Terms Stricter

There’s some serious differences between the DRM terms between Windows Media Player 10 and 11. Most specifically, this section:

Google Alters Functionality To Comply With DRM

Google has changed the way Gmail displays PDF files, in order to prevent it from circumventing Adobe’s DRM.

France Could Legalize Piracy Software

Not to the get into the intricacies of French lawmaking, I’ll defer to a source nearer to it (thanks ZDNet). French lawmakers have modified proposed legislation on digital rights management (DRM) that will make it legal for hackers to crack copyright protection and distribute the software at will.

Buy Side Publishing, An Open Model

Allow me to further simplify the Buy Side Publishing model. The most efficient part of the content business isn’t in how or what they produce, nor how they distributed it, but how they make money.

French Still Chippy About Apple DRM

France’s Trade Minister Christine Lagarde visited technology executives in Silicon Valley, and brought plenty of European attitude along on the trip.

Resistance is Futile

Microsoft says recovery from malware is becoming impossible. Well, duh.

French Approve Invasion Of Apple DRM

Lawmakers in France characterize the passage of an online copyright draft bill by the National Assembly as one that will permit customers to download songs from other music stores to iPods and make it even more appealing to Apple’s hardware customers.