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Has Apple Seen the Height of its Success with Music?

At yesterday’s MacWorld keynote, Steve Jobs unveiled no new  major music initiatives at  iTunes or with the iPod line.

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The Internet and the Music Industry

Ever since I blogged for a music site, I’ve watched how the Internet has transformed the music industry.

Here are some recent highlights – and they are sad songs:

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Amazon Gets Sony BMG Tracks

UPDATED: The entire Sony BMG catalog will be available on Amazon MP3 beginning later this month. Sony BMG is the last major label to drop DRM

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Sony BMG, DRM Free, Heads To Amazon

The glaringly missing online component to Sony BMG’s plan to sell music without DRM turned out to be a newly revealed deal with

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Godin on the Music Industry

Sethgodin Best selling author and marketing guru

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Sony BMG Becomes Last Major Label to Drop DRM

BusinessWeek is reporting and our sources confirm that Sony BMG will offer at least part of its catalog available DRM free in the first quarter of the year making it the

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