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Kindle DRM Down the Tubes

Yet another DRM goes down the tubes, this time it is for the kindle, while the reviews have been mixed, most folks who got their hands on the kindle like it, but as usual wish that it could do more than it was originally designed to do.

Universal DRM Free Music Speeding Up

The slow march towards universal DRM free music appears about to become a sprint to the finish line. 

Recent developments pushing Sony BMG, WMG and other holdouts to reconsider their protectionist positions include:

Has the DRM Free Experiment Failed?
The last year has been filled with announcement after announcement marking the end of DRM.  DRM-free pioneer eMusic was thriving. 

EMI dropped DRM across its entire catalog.

MLB Picks Off Game Download Buyers

There is no joy in Mudville, as mighty DRM has struck out fans who bought baseball videos from MLB.com.

Yahoo Music Guy Says No To DRM

Ian Rogers of Yahoo Music won’t let the company waste any more money on licensing deals that make listening to music inconvenient to users.

Wal-Mart Launches DRM- Free Downloads

Wal-Mart said today that it is launching "DRM-free" MP3 music downloads. Single tracks will be 94 cents a piece and a whole album will sell for $9.22.

Google Apologizes For Video Shutdown

After being blistered by criticism over the abrupt termination of the Google Video program, Google has offered an apology and full credit to video purchasers.

Google, Universal Get In On DRM-Free Music

Thanks to Universal Music Group and a new service called gBox, DRM-free music will become available through Google’s search engine.  Sounds interesting, right?  You should also know that these songs will be 30 cents cheaper than the ones sold by iTunes.

Oh No, There Goes Google Video!

Google’s nineteen-month experiment in selling online video ends in a few days, as the company shuts down Google Video and all of the videos purchased from it by consumers.

Root Kit DRM Company Gets Sued

In an almost comical turn about, the company that provided Sony with one of the two horrific DRM systems in October of 2005 is now facing a lawsuit. MediaMax worked on controlling the number of copies that a person could make with a CD, and has cost Sony some 5.75 million dollars to settle the lawsuits that arose from the use of MediaMax.

Blinkx To Power RealPlayer’s Search

RealPlayer was resurrected last month, and in the process, the media player’s parent company rubbed elbows with Google.  Now word has come that Real also worked something out with Blinkx, and in what the two corporations have termed a “global partnership,” Blinkx “will power video search for the new RealPlayer.”

Does Jobs Secretly Prefer DRM?
Steve Jobs achieved hero status a few months ago for calling on record labels to remove copy restrictions from downloads.

iTunes Sells EMI DRM Free, Attaching Purchaser Info
UPDATED:  iTunes yesterday began selling thousands of higher quality EMI tracks DRM free and added an upgrade option for previous purchases. But the offering dubbed iTunes Plus comes with some major  baggage that may not please consumers.

Another Sony DRM Debacle Happening?

Amazon users have been reporting that newly acquired Sony Media disks are not playing in their DVD players, is this an outcome from the AACS key hacking, or did Sony forget to add the key updates to their media?

Record Labels To Blame For Industry Decline

Physical music sales continued a trend of downward progression and digital revenues are not making up the difference. Within the next two years, total revenues from music sales are projected to dip down to $23 billion, which is half of what the industry brought home a decade earlier.

Entire EMI Catalog DRM Free
The Beatles weren’t the talk of today’s joint press conference held by EMI Group and Apple in London, Emi b

EMI Drops DRM Restrictions On iTunes
· 1

Crusaders against Digital Rights Management (DRM) believe the practice does nothing to curtail music piracy while placing unnecessary restrictions on downloaded audio content. In a move that should please the anti-DRM contingent, EMI has announced that it will remove the restriction from its tracks on iTunes.

Major Record Labels Go After Yahoo China

A consortium of record labels which include Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group have filed suit against Alibaba, which is an operator affiliated with Yahoo China, alleging copyright infringement by the site. The announcement comes as record labels, along with the RIAA, are cracking down harder than ever on digital music piracy.

It’s been an up and down week for digital music aficionados, and it’s only Tuesday.

New Music Download Model: 98 Cents, obo

You have to like a business model that is pure supply and demand.

RIAA: Fair Use Bill = Legalized Hacking

Earlier this week, U.S. Representatives Rick Boucher and John Doolittle introduced the Freedom And Innovation Revitalizing U.S. Entrepreneurship Act of 2007 (FAIR USE Act) for consideration in Congress. Mere days after its initial announcement, the bill is already being targeted for suppression by control-hungry content organizations.

Microsoft Tells Hollywood To Avoid Filtering

The technology YouTube has in mind to detect and filter content will be a bad deal for the studios, and Microsoft has quietly asked powerful Hollywood honchos to skip it in favor of another option.

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