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Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Wants Nationwide Ban On Cellphone Use While Driving

In today’s installment of the “good luck with that” files, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has come out in favor of an all-out ban of the use of cellphones while driving. This would prohibit anyone from using their device for any reason – calls, texting, Facebooking – while driving on a road in the United States. This call came …

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Drive Safe Mode Prevents Smartphone Users from Texting While Driving

No matter how many times you tell people not to, they just keep texting while driving. Every single day, I see people tapping away at various devices while they’re at a red light, only to continue this activity once their vehicle is in motion. All of this gadget-related silliness makes me a nervous wreck on the road, as I feel …

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U.S. Calls for Ban on Mobile Devices While Driving

The U.S. Department of Transportation has encouraged automakers to design devices that would block the use of mobile devices while a vehicle is moving. The plan extends to texting, the dialing of 10-digit phone numbers, the keying in of address on GPS systems, etc., unless the car is in park. On these non-binding guidelines issued today, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, …

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