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Safety Group Calls For Cell Phone Ban While Driving
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The National Safety Council is urging motorists to stop using cell phone and messaging devices while driving, and is calling on businesses to implement policies prohibiting it and governors and legislators in all 50 states to pass laws banning the behavior.

Driving While Talking On A Mobile Like Being Impaired
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Drivers are far more distracted by talking on a mobile phone than by conversing with a passenger in an automobile, according to a new study by University of Utah psychologists Frank Drews, David Strayer and Monisha Pasupathi.

The study used a sophisticated driving simulator and found that when drivers talk on a cell phone, they drift out of their lanes, and miss exists more frequently than drivers talking with a passenger.

Virginia May Ban Texting While Driving
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State legislators in Virginia want to ban driving while texting (DWT) on a cell phone.

Drive Smart Virginia

Virginia’s General Assembly is proposing legislation that would prohibit texting while driving an electric wheelchair, riding a bicycle, motorcycle and a moped.

Audience Fragmentation Driving Ad Serving Buys

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and WPP all ponied up big bucks to gain advertising companies, as Tacoda’s Dave Morgan suggests a splintering online audience has driven this.

Americans Support Ban On Texting While Driving
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Eighty-nine percent of American adults believe that sending text messages or emails while driving is dangerous and should be banned according to a new survey commissioned by mobile messaging service Pinger and conducted by Harris Interactive.

MySpace Driving Online Retail Purchases

Though retail sites get about a quarter of their traffic from search engines, they are also increasingly getting traffic from MySpace, perhaps answering some reservations posed about the efficacy of creating a presence in social networks.

Drivers More Active Online

People who frequently drive are more active online and savvy than the average consumer, according to Scarborough Research.

They found that the top 20 percent of U.S. adult drivers in terms of miles logged were 48 percent more likely than the average consumer to have spent $1,000 or more online in the past year. Seventeen percent were more likely to have broadband and 28 percent more likely to have spent 20 hours or more online weekly.

Gas Prices Aren’t Driving Comparison Searches
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One might think the rise in US gas prices would spur people to race to the Web for pricing information and hybrid car details. One would be wrong to think these things.

NIN Using ARG To Market New Album
I think the concept of marketing using “big games” or ARG’s is one of the most exciting marketing concepts that has emerged in recent years. The way it combines customer experience, co-creation, word of mouth, and customer engagement and lets not forget FUN, makes it a very powerful tool in a marketers repertoire. As Trent says though this is not just about marketing but a new form of entertainment.

Google News Played by Foreign Sources?
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Take a look at Google News U.S. and how many obscure foreign news sources are linked to. Of course nothing is wrong with this until you realize that the stories these sources are writing about are U.S. based. Looking deeper it’s obvious that some of  the news sites appear to be only writing about these stories in order to get traffic from Google News U.S..

Driving Conversion in B2B SEO

Obviously, getting your site to rank highly in the search engine results and getting searchers to click through to your site is one of the first objectives of B2B search engine optimization. But that’s just the beginning. You still have to turn the visitor into a customer or client.

PR: Is it Really About Driving Sales?

“The best comms programs are those that have nothing to do with customer acquisition.”

Google, Yahoo, Apple Boost Silicon Valley Real Estate

If you’re looking to locate your business in California’s Silicon Valley and are feeling the pain of real estate prices, we know who you should blame.

How’s My Driving? Text Me About It

It’s such an annoying idea that it just may catch on, just like the laser pointer and Nextel’s Direct Connect. Abuse is eminent, anyway, as the next sexual harassment case includes language like: “He PL8Scanned her with a message that read, ‘nice headlights’.” Yes, it’s text messaging and social networks taken to the (eventual) level of public nuisance.

Driving Consumer Confidence in Self-Service

We all know the frustration of poorly designed automated systems. You email customer service only to receive an automated response that doesn’t answer your question.

The Road AheadAnd Whos Driving

There are so many metaphors to describe the future of the Internet. It’s a beehive–busy, varied, distracted, and catacombed. It’s a world within a world, a microcosm, a virtual political/social/you-name-it mirror of the world outside, with good and bad neighborhoods, with utopian egalitarian potential that may never be fully reached.

Driving For iTunes

A site sponsored by Ford Motor Company offers education on driving safety and hazards for young drivers, and rewards users for passing a quiz on their knowledge.

Working Together At SES 2005

Mike McDonald of WebProNews took in the afternoon session on Working Together, which focused on getting everyone on track with SEO initiatives.

IBM Starts Investor-Focused Podcasts

Reuters: IBM is the latest major company to embrace podcasting. […] The world’s largest computer company said on Friday …

CellphediaThe Next Distraction From Driving, Dinner, And All Things Not Lame

Could we stop making up words, please? It was cute at first, but now it’s terribly annoying as the squiggly red lines on my word processor stretch across my screen candy cane style. Thanks to an NYU grad student, we get to add another word to the effluvium of techno-jargon logorrhea.

Youth Get Keys To Driving Mobile Market

A research firm waves the “skew younger” flag for marketers everywhere; what might follow “Blair Witch” and “Cry Wolf.”

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