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Listen to Your Hard Drive and Weep

Weird noises from your hard drive and you’re not sure what they mean?

Dont Surf And Drive: MSN TV To Go

Microsoft, like the other major players in the tech world, isn’t about to miss the boat on Web and mobile entertainment. Google and Yahoo will no doubt be launching a media blitz at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and Microsoft has won’t be overshadowed. The Redmond-based software-and-everything-else company has made agreements to take MSN TV to the car and anything else that moves.

Test Drive an AJAX RSS Reader

Backbase has a whole bunch of AJAX web applications that you can test drive.

MSNBC Launches Online Ratings Drive

Pull up the Washington Post website and you may notice something peculiar. All ad space on the site belongs to MSNBC. Sister publication Newsweek.com has the same MSNBC saturation-as do 800 blogs sanctioned through Blogads. The campaign is part of MSNBC’s effort to test whether online advertising can have an impact on television ratings.

Changing Consumer Attitudes Drive CRM

Changing consumer attitudes are driving Customer Relationship Management. Fuelled by Internet induced expectations and an even increasing mood of self reliance among customers, companies have to compete in an environment where communication, buying processes, data management, delivery and service are all-important in the battle for longterm, profitable relationships.

Flock Available For Test Drive

The hotly anticipated Flock browser, developed by some of the same folks that had they’re hands in Mozilla’s Firefox, is now available in beta release for the eagle-eyed scrutiny of the nit-pickiest code monkeys.

How To Recognize If Your Computer Has A Virus Or Trojan On It

It isn’t always easy to tell if your computer has become infected with a virus or similar anti-social piece of software.

Seagate Introduces Perpendicular 2.5-Inch Disc Drive

Seagate Technology has announced the world’s first 2.5-inch disc drive built on perpendicular recording technology The 160GB Momentus notebook has 25% more capacity than the largest capacity notebook drive currently on the market.

StorageTek And Golfers Drive Funds For Breast Cancer Research

PGA and LPGA professionals helped the StorageTek Foundation raise $50,000 for the Denver Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Bill Gates, Xbox, To Drive High Definition

Although specs for the new game console still haven’t been revealed, the Chief Software Architect says it’s going to look great in high-def.

Longhorn Will Drive Computer Sales

At WinHEC in Seattle, Microsoft claims its new operating system will spur billions in sales.

Hitachi Lays Groundwork For Increased Hard Drive Capacities

Earlier today, a report concerning Hitachi and the development of increased storage capacities for hard drives across the board.

Using Gmail as a 1GB Virtual Drive
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Need another reason to get your Gmail account? How about using its generous 1GB storage capacity as a virtual drive to save and retrieve files directly from inside Windows Explorer, accessing it from a new drive you’ll find under My Computer?

SanDisk Introduces 2 Gig Flash Drive, Improves Security

The California-based, portable storage producing SanDisk has enhanced their flash drive line-up, offering a 2-gigabyte model.

Sony PSP Will Bring Music To Owners Ears

The much-anticipated Sony Playstation Portable, available 3/27/05, has just received news of another feature that will undoubtedly increase an already high “want” level.

Hitachi to Double CE Hard Drive Shipments

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is rallying company resources to more than double the total shipment of CE hard drives in 2005.

Seagate Unveils 6Gb One-Inch Hard Drive

Seagate is shipping the industry’s highest capacity 1-inch hard drive, a new 6GB model of its popular 1-inch ST1 Series hard drive for handheld applications.

China is Breaking Trade Records

China’s foreign trade value hit a record high of $1 trillion in the first 11 months of 2004, making it the third largest trading country in the world.

How to Drive a Stampede of Laser Targeted Traffic Using Postcards

How would you like to make $4 for EVERY visitor who hits your site? How about $8? Would you be interested?

Test Drive Your Site

Rudyard Kipling’s 19th century poem, for all its political incorrectness, centered on the choice between product stability and product enhancement – the wife of many years or the harem of Havanas that beckoned.

Drive More Targeted Traffic and Sales than Mini-Sites and Gateway-Pages Combined

Many top gurus promoted mini-sites as the cheapest and easiest way to make a profit from an affiliate program.