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Window Washers: Rescue Won’t Deter From Doing Job

Three brave souls employed to wash the outsides of skyscrapers found themselves in a hair-raising situation when their platform collapsed in the midst of their routine. The terrifying event was said to have occurred at around 8:30 am at the Capitol One building on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, La. on Friday. According to Jorge Gomez, there was simply …

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Houston Fire Blazes For Hours Amid Dramatic Rescue

A fire broke out around 12 pm in a 396-unit apartment complex in downtown Houston on Tuesday. The $50 million luxury Axis Apartment project was still under construction in Houston’s Montrose district, and it was completely destroyed. Authorities said it was fueled by gusty winds that turned from a small rooftop fire to a blaze that completely engulfed the large …

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