Downtime Articles

Planet Earth Notes Google Downtime

The world’s greatest search engine experienced a bit of an outage recently, and tremors were felt throughout the blogosphere.

Yahoo! Upgrade Causes Downtime

Media Post reports that an attempt to upgrade Yahoo! Search Marketing this weekend inadvertently caused some glitches in the system, making it especially difficult for some advertisers and search marketing firms to manage their sponsored search campaign.

System Downtime

Downtime can disrupt your business, customers, and damage your company’s reputation.

Clustering Solutions and Zero Downtime Hosting Pitfalls

There are a number of benchmarks, which we may use to evaluate hosting companies. One of these is, reliability.

BMC’s $33 Million Identity Management

In an attempt to be more competitive in the small and medium-sized business market, BMC Software has agreed to buy Calendra for $33 million.

How to Quantify Downtime

Quantifying the cost of downtime can help you gain funding for technologies that enhance performance and mitigate downtime risks. Yet most organizations have a difficult time calculating the losses associated with downtime because of its complexity.

Downtime Strategies For Building eBusiness
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When I first began my business I would freak out every time the phone stopped ringing, until I learned the importance of the down times. Now whenever they occur, I simply get away from it for a little while. It seemed that whenever I watched and waited nothing happened but when I left the situation and put my mind on something else, things shifted. By changing my focus, new ideas would bubble up and I would feel more creative. So although it may seem as if you’ve done all you can, more than likely there’s a whole lot you haven’t tried yet.

Managing Downtime

Managing downtime requires creativity, which shouldn’t be a big problem since all of us are pretty creative. To get your creative energy flowing, here are some tips for managing your downtime.

Work on new or existing projects of your own. I would bet a dollar there isn’t a freelancer alive who doesn’t have some sort of work in progress, such as a book, series of articles yet to find a publisher or other project. Use your downtime to dust one or two off, and get to work!