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Google Ready To Launch PPV?

After the mostly Google-less holiday season, the rumor mill is churning warp speed in the New Year. The Google PC is suddenly on the braniac minds of journalists and alpha-geek bloggers, as is Google Box or Cube or something, and suddenly-the idea seems perfectly likely and doable-a pay-per-view video service complete with its own payment system and hardware that could really benefit the indie film maker.

Teens Thoughts On Downloads

In case you’re awake at night wondering about the upcoming generation’s thoughts on things like music and movie downloads, get some sleep. According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, teens not only download the movies and music at no charge, they don’t much care about copyright infringement and other pesky federal laws.

Firefox hits 100 Million Downloads

Computer weekly carried the news about it today. FireFox now has 8% of the market. Hardly surprising that Internet Explorer remains dominant since it is issued with Windows and every configured PC ever shipped. But this 8% is significant to webmasters everywhere.

Flock Not Ready for Primetime

Last night I tried out Flock, a new Mozilla-based browser that’s getting a ton of buzz.

The Sell Of Music

MusicFreedom presents another method for artists to get their music to fans without an intervening music label.

Beethoven Rolls Over To 1.4 Million Downloads

The BBC had an idea: let’s bolster our Radio 3 homage to the composer by making his symphonies available for free download.

IFPI Will Make You Pay; Legal Downloads Rising

People are getting more honest when comes to downloading music off the Internet, according an international recording industry group. The number of legally downloaded music tracks almost tripled in the first half of this year. Illegal file-sharing is up only three percent.

Legal Downloads? 180 Million Of Them
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The International Federation of the Phonograpic Industry (IFPI) said on Thursday that the number of legal, paid downloads had tripled during the first half of 2005. This is great news for the RIAA and MPAA as more and more people switch to the legal download side of things.

Concert Downloads As The Crow Flies

A Nashville holding company has launched Crowfly, which will offer downloads of concerts.

Google Earth Resumes Downloads
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Recently, Google suspended the ability to download the appropriate file to install their increasingly popular Google Earth map service. Google provided no reason for doing so, although some speculated that the demand for Google Earth was (and is) extremely high, and therefore Google couldn’t support all of the download requests.

Prudential Creates Google Earth Plugin

In an effort to capitalize on the usability of Google new downloadable mapping service, many services are in the process of developing plugins designed to take the functionality of Google’s service to higher levels.

Legal Music Downloads Scuttling Pirates

More people have been using legal download services like iTunes for their music acquisitions.

Napster and Ericsson Conjure Wireless Downloads

Peer to peer pioneer Napster and wireless wizard Ericsson announced plans to develop a wireless downloading service. The plan is to integrate Ericsson’s digital music service and Napster’s digital download expertise into a strong plan for wireless users.

Paying For Downloads? Why Not?

NPD just released some new figures suggesting that paid musical downloads are catching up to free albeit illegal, peer to peer downloads. This must be sweet music to the ear of the recording industry as services like WinMX and Itunes proliferate.

Building a Suggest List with XMLHttpRequest

Avoid huge dropdowns! This tutorial shows how to dynamically create a suggest list as long as the user fills a form field.

IBM Helps XML Along With Some New Tools

IBM added some nice new features for XML in its Emerging Technologies Toolkit. The alpha versions available at their website including an XML document editor and an XML forms generator.

UK Parents Caught Unaware of Kids Downloads
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Five Internet service providers were forced by a UK court order to reveal the identities of 33 music file sharers. A third of them turned out to be parents, whose children were doing the file sharing, apparently caught unawares.

Sony Preparing Movie Downloads For Mobile Technology

Sony Pictures is preparing to offer a download service featuring the company’s top 500 movies for mobile technology users. The company’s goal is to have this upcoming service ready by next year.

Microsoft Launches MSN Video

Has the net continues to become one of the first places people go to for entertainment, be it music or video, many Internet-based companies are embracing this trend by upgrading or debuting features to attract more users.

Firefox Browser Reaches 25 Million Downloads

The popularity levels for Mozilla’s Firefox browser have done nothing but increase since it was officially launched last October.

Firefox Hits 25 Million Downloads – Extended Coverage

I know I’m late on this but I honestly didn’t haveDownload Firefox Now! time to post it yesterday at all. I wanted to post the email I received from SpreadFirefox’s Blake Ross regarding the good news