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New Anti-Piracy Plan: Kindergarten Copyright Class?

The United States’ largest copyright lobbies, the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America, have initiated a highly controversial program nudging the educational system to shoulder the burden of teaching kids about how evil piracy really is. The LA Times reports that a nonprofit group known as the Center for Copyright Information has commissioned a …

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UK Government Introduces Intellectual Property Crime Unit

Late last week, spokespersons the City of London police force announced the creation of a special crime unit, one that will focus on intellectual property abuse, otherwise known as illegal file sharing. The new branch, called the Intellectual Property Crime Unit, will focus primarily on eliminating illegal peer-2-peer activities within the United Kingdom. The details of the new task force …

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Rutgers Named Top Torrenting University in the U.S.

BitTorrent is popular among college students. That, of course, is as obvious as saying the sky is blue or freshman will gain at least 15 pounds of beer and pizza weight. Although many universities have made curbing torrenting a primary focus (via government mandate), it’s hard to stop such a long standing tradition like collegiate file sharing. If you ever …

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Streaming Music Will Dominate Downloads in 2012 (and Beyond)

According to a forecast from Strategy Analytics, this year is shaping up to be all about Spotify and less about iTunes. That’s because streaming music services (like Spotify, Pandora, and Rdio) are set to dwarf download services when it comes to revenues in the year 2012. According to the Global Record Music forecast, streaming revenues will increase 40% this year. …

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The Pirate Bay Stops Hosting Torrent Files

The Pirate Bay has announced that they will no longer offer torrent files for download on their site. Anti-piracy advocates should not get too excited, though: they are replacing the torrent files with Magnet links. This format is considerably more difficult to block than .torrent files, and the links require significantly less storage space, meaning that the entire Pirate Bay …

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