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Google Removes a Ton of Malware Sites

Google has expunged more than 40,000 websites from its search index, removing a ton of sites because they contain malware.

MSFT Math Add-in Released For Word 2007

Microsoft has released a new Microsoft Math add-in for microsoft Office Word 2007. It adds enhanced computational and graphing capabilities to Word, letting you do this:

Study: Webmasters Prefer Google
Based on a study of 7,500 Web sites conducted by Penn State University, Google emerged as Webmasters’ favorite.

Digg School – 4 Tips To Digg Success

Over the past few years, I’ve written a number of posts that caught the attention of Digg users. Many were surprises, but a dozen or so were written specifically for Digg, mostly for clients.

Radiohead Raps ComScore Over Download Report

ComScore said 62 percent of downloaders paid nothing for Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ release, but the band has denounced the report as "wholly inaccurate."

MLB Picks Off Game Download Buyers

There is no joy in Mudville, as mighty DRM has struck out fans who bought baseball videos from MLB.com.

Radiohead’s Download Experiment Faring Well
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Whether or not you think music should be given away, sold at reasonable per-download prices, or sold at whatever price the record labels want to put on them, Radiohead’s experiment in name-your-own-price marketing may be paying off.

Radiohead Says Name Your Download Price

The real disruption in the music industry will be when more big name acts follow Radiohead’s route, by dropping the middleman and taking their songs to the fans.

What The Amazon Download Store Is and Isn’t

You can find our in depth first look at the new Amazon DRM free download store here. But just how "industry changing" is it? 

Enterprise Social Networking Blasts Off

The industry analyst firm IDC is has released a new report that indicates that the enterprise social networking market is ready for ignition and liftoff.

Amazon To Launch Download Store In September

Amazon is set to launch its long awaited download store in mid-September according to the New York Post.

All tracks on the new service will be DRM-free including tracks from EMI and Universal and hundreds of independent labels including several we hear that have never sold DRM free previously. Absent will be copy protected tracks from WMG or Sony/BMG.

Google Takes AJAX Debugger Out of Beta

Google has long maintained that AJAX is the future (and the now) of the Web, and even refers to the click-and-wait method as "the yesterweb." But for developers, AJAX is a pain, especially when debugging for browser quirks. Those struggling, then, may be happy to know that the Google Web Toolkit is now out of beta with version 1.4.

Consumers Not Down With Video Downloading

U.S. consumers are not satisfied with the videos they download from the Internet. Only 16 percent believe the selection of videos online is good and just 13 percent say that online videos are sold at a fair price, according to research from Parks Associates.

Google Click-to-Call Croaks

About nine months ago, there was an announcement that a Google AdWords “Click-to-Call” test had been discontinued.  The message turned out to be a hoax, but a post that came out yesterday is, to all appearances, not.  And so the Google Click-to-Call feature in Google Maps is no more.

StumbleUpon Application Released for Facebook

Stumbleupon, a site that allows you to discover and share new web sites with others, has released an application for the Facebook platform.

MyLiveSearch Buzz Builds – To Annoying Levels?

A statement at the MyLiveSearch site says, “…..and they thought it couldn’t be done!”  I’m not sure who “they” are,” what “it” is, and I have to point out that MyLiveSearch hasn’t “done” much of anything – the search engine has yet to launch – but this may all be a reference to beating Google.

ISPs Threaten to Stall Online Video Apps

Steve O’Hear — who also writes for ZDNet on social media — has a great post up at Last100 about how bandwidth-stingy Internet Service Providers threaten to stall many online-video apps such as Joost by throttling the download speeds that their users get.

AOL Previews Mail Gadget

AOL is launching a preview of their "AOL Social Mail Gadget" which was created using Microsoft Silverlight technology.

Google’s Note This Feature

I noticed over the weekend that a new link has been added to Google’s search results:

Sprint Cuts Download Prices, AT&T Hooks up w/ Napster

The announcement derby in the music space shifts to Florida this week and mobile conference CITA Wireless. Even prior to today’s opening the press releases are flying.

New Music Download Model: 98 Cents, obo

You have to like a business model that is pure supply and demand.

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