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Opposition To DoubleClick Deal Oddly Timed

The chorus of calls for antitrust review of Google’s $3.1 billion purchase of advertising network operator DoubleClick comes at a very early time in the process.

Marketers Should Care About Google’s DoubleClick Deal

For those of you who turn off your computers on the weekend, you should know that Google announced Friday that it spent over $3 billion to acquire DoubleClick, of banner ad network fame. You can read from other people what this means from Google’s point of view—I don’t think that is very important to marketers. So what is important about this to marketers?

Looking at DoubleClick’s Past
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Google News Archive search is a nice way to recap coverage of a person or company throughout the years. Here are bits and pieces of past DoubleClick coverage.

Has Google Crossed the Line?
As I just posted on the InsideMicrosoft blog, Microsoft has issued a statement suggesting the government get involved regarding Google’s purchase off DoubleClick, and be concerned that Google is building a competition-averse monopoly. As reported at Paid Content, Yahoo and AT&T are also raising concerns (all tried to buy DoubleClick and were vastly outbid by Google), especially about the fact that combined, Google and DoubleClick will own 80% of publisher advertising services.

Microsoft Complains About DoubleClick Deal
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Allowing Google to acquire advertising network operator DoubleClick would create an imbalance in the online ad market, and Microsoft thinks the deal should be quashed by regulators.

Google DoubleClick: Quotes & Facts

The purchase of DoubleClick by Google is the most interesting purchase by a search engine since Yahoo’s acquisition of Overture. Google’s cash and willingness to spend it is astonishing industry observers and its search competitors, especially Microsoft and Yahoo. Below is a compilation of quotes and facts that illustrate the impact of this deal:

DoubleClick Goes To Google For $3.1B

Online advertising network DoubleClick will become part of Google in an all cash deal valued at $3.1 billion, giving Google a big third-party ad serving network.

Ad Exchange Market Heats Up

It hasn’t been a secret in the industry that Doubleclick is working on an ad exchange that’s something along the lines of what we do at Right Media.

Google Joins Doubleclick Bidders

As we talked about last week, Doubleclick is for sale and Microsoft was thought to be the leader in the clubhouse to buy the advertising company.

Google Adds To DoubleClick Intrigue

The biggest Internet players have at least a passing interest in DoubleClick, an online advertising network that reaches hundreds of websites, and they could be willing to overpay for it for a variety of reasons.

Consumers Pay More Attention To Video Ads

Here’s a stat you’ll find interesting: people are twice as likely to press the "Play" button on a video ad than they are to click a standard JPG or GIF ad. The bad news: they only watch two-thirds of the ad. But they did press "Play."

The information comes from a recent study conducted by digital marketing company DoubleClick.

The study of 300 participants over a six month period showed that consumers were much more interactive with video ads, which makes DoubleClick assume the format is very effective.

Microsoft Exec Thinks DoubleClick Buy Is Risky

That Microsoft is thinking of acquiring online advertising company DoubleClick has been the gently vibrating buzz all week. A Microsoft executive, though, says a deal is unlikely.

The buzz seems likely generated by the PR machine, for as soon as I heard about it from a surprising tipster, everybody else seemed to have heard about it as well, bloggers and reporters alike. Let the speculation begin: nothing like a little buzz to justify a $2 billion asking price.

MSN to Acquire DoubleClick?

Reports have surfaced that MSN may be eying Manhattan based online advertising firm DoubleClick which is worth about $2 billion.

Is DoubleClick for Sale Again?
It’s been just under two years since internet advertising powerhouse, DoubleClick, was bought for $1.1 billion. Now, according to the WSJ (sub), it’s once again looking for a new suitor.

SEMPO Elects Board Members for 2007

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) has officially announced this year’s board of directors.

DoubleClick Dumps Abacus At A Loss
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Privacy concerns rendered DoubleClick’s $1.7 billion purchase of Abacus in 1999 a losing proposition; now, DoubleClick has agreed to sell its Abacus unit to Alliance Data Systems for $435 million.

Net Video Providers Compete

With streaming video footage on the Internet now becoming a key component in all recent high-profile website successes, Atlas and Doubleclick, two marketing technologies providers, are both offering up competing video platform systems for e-commerce customers.

DoubleClick Folds Up Klipmart

Online video advertising and management solution provider Klipmart joins forces with long-time ad technology firm DoubleClick.

DoubleClick Acquires Falk eSolutions AG

Digital advertising technology and services provider, DoubleClick Inc., announced an agreement to acquire German-based distribution and management company, Falk eSolutions AG. The transaction is expected to close prior to March 31, 2006.

DoubleClick DART Search Party

There were several after-conference events last night at SES NYC. Marchex held a bash and there was a small, invite only thing for MSN AdCenter as well.

DoubleClick Launches DART Search

DoubleClick has announced the launch of their new keyword management, bid management and reporting tools, called DART Search that integrate with the DART Ad Management Platform.

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