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FTC Talks Online Privacy Today

The two-day town hall meeting about behavioral targeting, announced amid privacy concerns about Google’s proposed acquisition of DoubleClick, begins today in Washington DC.

Aussies Have No Worries About Google, DoubleClick

Google received the stamp of approval from regulators with the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission for its bid for ad serving network DoubleClick.

EU Scares Google Into DoubleClick Concessions

Satisfying competition authorities in Europe will force Google to adopt a laissez-faire attitude when it comes to some of DoubleClick’s operations.

EU Extends Google, DoubleClick Review

November 13th will be the new date for the European Union Competition Commission to give its decision on Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick, based on the Commission’s perception of competition issues.

EU: Google, DoubleClick Privacy? No Worries

The European Competition Commission that has vexed Microsoft for years will look at Google’s potential DoubleClick acquisition solely on competitive grounds.

Analysts: Privacy Won’t Stop Google, DoubleClick

The whispering campaign favoring Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick has begun, as a number of antitrust observers predict FTC approval of the deal.

Microsoft Chills Out On DoubleClick

The language from the head of Microsoft International was not as strident as that of the company’s top general counsel and his recent comments on Google’s DoubleClick acquisition.

Google, DoubleClick On Defense Against Senators
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The main defense put forth by Google and supporters of its proposed acquisition of DoubleClick holds that the two companies do business differently when it comes to advertising.

Google, Microsoft Testify About DoubleClick

This is the Internet age. We don’t have to wait for general counsels to drop their bon mots before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee, because they are already posted online.

Study: Google Would Raise DoubleClick Prices

The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) released an antitrust analysis of the proposed Google and DoubleClick, and suggested the deal would harm DoubleClick’s display ad clients.

Google Touts Opinions About DoubleClick

The search advertising company’s appointment with a Senate Judiciary subcommittee later this week has prompted Google to respond to privacy concerns on its blogs.

Google v. Microsoft: DoubleClaws Come Out
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Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick is a complicated issue, and a contentious one. The Antitrust Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee meets later this week to get a better look at the online advertising space, and as that approaches, both sides of this debate are getting testy.

Yahoo Unenthused About Google, DoubleClick

Color us with the ‘unsurprised’ crayon, neither Yahoo nor global advertising power WPP want to see Google walk away with the queen of the ad network homecoming ball.

Microsoft Taps PR Firm To Thwart Google

Google’s proposed purchase of DoubleClick earned it an invitation to a Senate subcommittee hearing this week. Microsoft’s work with PR firm Burson-Marsteller could have helped print that invite.

Google Appeals For EU’s DoubleClick Permission

The proposed DoubleClick purchase has put Google back on its heels as people assail the blockbuster deal on several fronts.

Senate Prepares Grill For Google
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Google’s proposed purchase of DoubleClick has drawn the scrutiny of privacy advocates, the Federal Trade Commission, and now a Senate Judiciary subcommittee.

Google, DoubleClick Deal Challenged Again

The Center for Digital Democracy (CDD), US PIRG, and the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), discussed the proposed merger at a National Press Club meeting in Washington. They have filed a supplement to their original complaint about Google’s proposed $3.1 billion buy of ad network DoubleClick.

AOL Seals Deal With Tacoda

AOL announced today that it has completed its purchase of Tacoda, an online behavioral targeting network. AOL originally made the announcement to acquire Tacoda back on July 24. Tacoda will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL.

SES – Session: Video Search Optimization

Multimedia Track, Tuesday 3:15 – 4:30 PM

Moms Rely On Search Engines

DoubleClick Performics, the marketing division of DoubleClick, has released data from a search usage study that focused on "moms" which was conducted with Microsoft and ROI Research.

FTC Sets Dates For Behavioral Town Hall

Google and DoubleClick better keep the calendars of some of their people clear for November 1st and 2nd, as the Federal Trade Commission followed through on its promise to schedule meetings about behavioral targeting.