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Google Changes Its Mind About Money-Back SEO
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Business makes strange bedfellows. Just in time for the FTC to approve Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick, and with it an SEO firm called Performics, the company has changed its tune a bit about how to deal with SEO companies.

For the longest time, Google advised webmasters to be wary of SEO companies, and put up this warning at the Webmaster Help Center:

Google, DoubleClick Get FTC Approval

UPDATE: No sooner had I hit “publish,” I get an email from Google confirming the deal has been approved by the FTC. The announcement reads in part…

FTC Gives Google, DoubleClick Thumbs Up

A 4-1 vote by the Federal Trade Commission wraps up its eight-month investigation of antitrust concerns over Google’s purchase of DoubleClick and approves the acquisition.

Google Cheers Viacom Deal With Microsoft

Amid rumors the Federal Trade Commission would approve Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick, the company pointed to the Microsoft-Viacom deal as proof of sufficient market competition.

No DoubleClick Recusals At FTC

FTC chair Deborah Platt Majoras isn’t the only commissioner with a matrimonial connection at the Jones Day law firm, but neither she nor William Kovacic will recuse themselves from the Google/DoubleClick antitrust review.

DoubleClick, Jones Day Drama Continues

The Center for Digital Democracy and the Electronic Privacy Information Center have filed a Freedom of Information Act request for information from the FTC about DoubleClick and law firm Jones Day.

Google andDoubleClick vs. FTC, Round 15,627,734,234.7

As if the title weren’t enough to tip you off, take a peak at some of the headlines that have gotten my attention today (don’t worry, this isn’t Linky Goodness or Pilgrim’s Picks, I’m still going to hold your hand and tell you what to think):

Law Firm Purges DoubleClick References
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The demand for the FTC chair to recuse herself from the Google and DoubleClick antitrust review yielded a surprising little twist.

Google Gets A GOP Griefer

House Republican Joe Barton from Texas has a burr in his saddle about Google – 24 burrs, to be precise, some in multiple parts.

SES Chicago: Sitemaps Discussed
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Webmasters can face a number of issues, and may hope that sitemaps can cure the bulk of them. 

So a panel at SES Chicago weighed sitemaps’ pros and cons.

Google-DoubleClick Counterpoint

As is often the case, Danny surprises us with a level of detail in his rejoinder to Senators Hatch & Kohl about the impending Google-DoubleClick merger.

The short answer seems to be that Danny defends Google’s position against certain distortions.

Danny Sullivan Suggests Google Needs Scrutiny

In deconstructing the letter sent to the Federal Trade Commission by two US Senators, Danny hinted at other Google aspects the Senators should consider about the search giant’s business.

Scrutinize Google, DoubleClick, Says Congress

DC lawmakers want the Federal Trade Commission to do more than rubber-stamp Google’s $3.1 billion DoubleClick acquisition.

Google Eager To Please European Regulators

The company’s DoubleClick deal hit an unexpected snag when European Commission members decided to draw out their review to April 2008.

EU Lengthening Probe Into Google, DoubleClick

European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes isn’t quite ready to rubber-stamp Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick.

Malware Draws More Attention To DoubleClick

Compared to murder, malware isn’t so bad.  It’s not exactly good, though, and in a development that can’t please Google, it’s been connected to DoubleClick.

Government Still Questioning GoogleClick

The FTC has not yet confirmed Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick. Last week’s town meeting on the subject of behavioral targeting hasn’t changed that.

Republicans Rumbling About Google, Privacy

House Republicans have demanded a Congressional hearing over the privacy implications of Google’s pending DoubleClick purchase.

FTC: No Gov’t Online Ad Regulation Threat

The two-day town hall meeting being held in Washington DC by the Federal Trade Commission had a common theme: avoiding government regulation.

AOL Spreads Its Privacy Education Program

AOL announced a program that will help Internet users understand behaviorally targeted advertising, along with providing mechanisms for opting out of such targeting.

FTC Talks Online Privacy Today

The two-day town hall meeting about behavioral targeting, announced amid privacy concerns about Google’s proposed acquisition of DoubleClick, begins today in Washington DC.