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Share Your Trips With Dopplr

Dopplr is out of beta and open for everyone to sign up now. It’s a good way to see who is going to be at conferences (or cat shows!) that you are attending.

Sign up and start sharing your trips with colleagues and friends.


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To Twitter or Not to Twitter?

Jeremiah Owyang posted yesterday on the value of Twitter. Here’s an excerpt:

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Dopplr Social Network Finds Funding

Dopplr, a social network for travelers, is getting a lot of attention; although it’s in an invitation-only mode, there have been plenty of positive reviews.  What’s also important, however, is the attention it’s received from some investors.

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Jaiku/Twitter/Facebook/Kyte/Plaxo – Pay Attention!

I’ve really been bitten by the Facebook/Twitter/Kyte/Jaiku bug. Stephanie Booth, everyone’s favorite Swiss blogger, met me tonight at the Jaiku party (that’s Jaiku’s PR guy, Neil Vineberg holding the Jaiku poster) and said I had to add Dopplr to my bag of tricks (it keeps track of where you, and your friends, are).

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