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Social Networks Safer Than Perceived

Social networking sites are becoming a political lightning rod for politicians and law enforcement. As more children use the sites the belief is that they are at increased risk to be targeted by online predators.

Wired: Bloggers Get it Wrong

Wired Magazine’s Ryan Singel and Kevin Poulsen says that the bloggers got it wrong about Ted Stevens "protecting children" bill. The Wired post ends: "Also the blog world famously claims it’s self-correcting. 27B anxiously awaits proof."

Wikipedia isn’t commercial? Yeah, right.

By the way, Ryan and Kevin’s blog post doesn’t have a link to the bill’s text that works. Anyone have a link that works? Post it in my comments. Thanks!

DOPA Jr. Is Not A Wikipedia Ban
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It’s easy to understand why people would be skeptical, or even suspicious, of anything Alaska Senator Ted Stevens introduces into Congress these days, especially if it involves the Internet – or, the tubes and all that. But the simply-titled Senate Bill 49, which some have called "Son of DOPA" or "DOPA Jr.," may not be as bad as its made out to be.

Congress On DOPA Over MySpace

China’s standard practice of blocking access to certain websites appears to have inspired some members of the US Congress. Social networking sites like MySpace.com are the target of proposed legislation that would block access to them in schools and libraries.