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Miley Cyrus’ Concert Banned In Dominican Republic

It looks like Miley Cyrus will be cancelling her September 13 concert in the Dominican Republic. According to People, the Dominican Republic government commission, which oversees public performances, has made the decision to ban Miley’s performance based on morality grounds. After the commission met, they issued a statement on Thursday regarding their decision. They claim that many of Miley’s performances …

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Dominican Surgeries Kill Americans

The lure of cheap beauty is killing people. In America, it costs an arm and a leg to fix your boobs and butt. A short plane ride to the Dominican Republic can mean a much cheaper price on cosmetic surgeries. But there are risks involved that some people are not making it home from. The New York Daily News tells …

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Dominican Murder-Suicide Prompted by Facebook Photo

Your online presence can have big implications for life beyond your computer. While many of the Arab Spring uprisings and #Occupy protests owe a lot of their momentum and organization to Twitter, and a special kind of justice can come to idiots posting their crimes on YouTube, Facebook seems to be especially adept both at prompting crime as well as …

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