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Should The FBI Be Able To Monitor Online Communications In Real TIme?

As the current ECPA stands, law enforcement has the ability to obtain emails without a warrant. There are some laws currently making their way through Congress to change this, but law enforcement agencies obviously like things as they are. In fact, one agency in particular thinks it needs even more power to spy on your private communications. Slate reports that …

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Skype Promises That They’re Not Spying On You

Skype has been in the news more often the past few weeks thanks to some rumors that Microsoft is now using the service to spy on users. It all started with some rumor mongering that their upgrade to Linux servers was at the behest of Microsoft to make spying easier. A Washington Post article later claimed that inside sources confirmed …

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The UK Wants To Monitor Internet Use And Then Some

It’s no big surprise now that many governments all over the world want to monitor the Internet usage and communications of its citizens. There’s a law currently sitting around in Canada, the United States’s rumored NSA surveillance facility, and the UK’s rumored legislation that would force ISPs to spy on their customers. From here, it looks like the legislation in …

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