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Yee-hah! Dallas Cowboys Clueless On Domains
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Poor Jerry Jones, first his ‘Boys get curb-stomped by the Patriots, then it turns out the attorney representing them at a domain name auction has no idea about the starting or ending price.

dotMobi Domains Sell for 1/2 Million

Congratulations to the gang at dotMobi for their successful Moniker auction in Miami last Friday. I am extremely impressed with how much they made on these domains.

Dot-Asia Domain Bidding Opens
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Bidding on .asia domains began in Hong Kong today, initially open to businesses with trademarks and government offices.

Facebook Prevails In Domain Dispute

I can see how a typo could lead a person to visit Facenook, or perhaps Racebook, on their way to a certain social networking site.  But now Facebook has won a dispute involving Face-book, which was formerly owned by a company known as YOLAPT.

Dotcom Falls Into Baby Name Domain

This is a topic close to my heart and I have to say I agree whole-heartedly – well, it’s a good idea, anyway. Parents are picking baby names based upon the availability of a domain name that matches.

Backdating Nofollow On Specific Domains

There are times when you might want to retro-actively add nofollow to links you have given freely in the past. As an example some time ago I started using the nofollow Wikipedia plugin.

Would You Trust Business Domains Registered via Proxy?
Someone recently left a comment on my blog promoting a new keyword research tool that is registered via proxy. The competitive analysis keyword research tool has been marketed heavily via comment spam, and currently shows itself as bidding on 0 keywords, per its own competitive measures. The site gives no data about who owns it. Could it appear any less legitimate?

Business.com Selling For $400 Million?

Everybody’s looking for the typo, or a misplaced decimal. Could a domain really be worth $300-400 million? Could the Wall Street Journal have made three typographical errors in one article? Doubtful, the headline did use the word "jackpot."

Double Dipping in Google’s Organic Results

Subdomain Spam

Since Google has been over-representing site authority in their relevancy algorithms many sites like eBay have begun abusing the hole with the use of infinite subdomains. These techniques not only effect branded search results, but also carry over to many other competitive keywords. 

GoDaddy Gets RegisterFly Domains

GoDaddy will inherit some 850,000 of the domains originally registered by RegisterFly according to this week’s ICANN agreement. RegisterFly has been struggling for some time. Last month, a federal judge issued an injunction enabling ICANN to terminate RegisterFly’s accreditation. This came after many different problems and customer complaints, not the least of which were fraud accusations.

ICANN Wants Your Input On Domains

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN is seeking public input for creating, approving and adding generic top-level domains (gTLDs) to the Internet.

ICANN: RegisterFly Has Flown
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A US Federal judge granted the Independent Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) the right to terminate RegisterFly’s accreditation and to transfer domains from the company.

Will Domain Names Become Less Relevant?
Currently domain names carry significant weight in Google’s relevancy algorithms if they match the search query, but that is a signal destined to lose value.

ICANN Rejects .XXX Domains
Despite support from some adult sites and anti-porn activists, the ICM Registry’s proposal for a .xxx top-level domain was rejected by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers in a 9-5 vote. ICANN states that a .xxx TLD would be difficult to enforce worldwide as well as create “public policy concerns.”

From CNET:

.XXX Rejected by ICANN

The ICANN board voted to reject the application for assignment of the .xxx top-level domain by a vote of 9 to 5, with 1 abstaining. Today’s decision brings to an end the current round of domain name proposals that began back in 2004.

Porn site owners will now be able to rest easy knowing that they won’t have to let go of their .com domains anytime soon. Likewise, opposition from the religious realm proclaims victory in their efforts to thwart the mainstream appeal of pornography across the Internet.

Porn Domain Vote To Come Tomorrow

Officials of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names (ICANN) are becoming increasingly leery of adopting the “.xxx” domain for pornographic websites amid concerns from government officials, the porn industry itself and, oddly enough, many religious groups.

Aged Domains vs. Branding New Domains
One of the big mistakes I’ve made recently is to take some older domains and try to launch new content on them for news portals.

Even though the domains are like 3+ years old, they haven’t had much of a search history on Google. The result is that they are effectively being treated the same as new domains.

McAfee: The Internet Is Risky Business

It’s no secret that the Internet is rife with phishing and malware sites that look to prey upon unsuspecting web surfers. In a recent study, McAfee decided to take a geographical look at both the safest and riskiest places to surf the web.

Digg Burying Stories from Unbanned Domains

As you may know, digg recently unbanned a lot of domains, and www.mapelli.info was amongst them.

They claimed they have improved their algorithm to easily detect spammy content, and that there’s no need to ban domains now.

Digg Unbans A Select Few Domains

Neil Patel over at ProNet Advertising reports that Digg has, at least a little, pruned its list of banned domains, allowing a few of them back in, presumably on condition of good behavior.

At the top of Patel’s list is SEO Braveheart Lee Odden’s Online Marketing Blog, the banning of which ignited a digital flame war the likes of which haven’t been since the last time a freshman broke ranks in the lunch line.

Banned Domains Let Back into Digg

It seems Digg has unbanned a list of sites by letting them back in. From what I have noticed here are the sites that have been allowed back in.

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