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Get Serious About Your Web Business

So much has been said about this subject in the past but I feel I must reiterate the importance of getting your own domain name if you are to be taken serious in the home business world.

There is nothing more offputting than seeing an ad with a free domain name attached (ie http://www.freedomain.yourname.com). I personally will bypass such businesses.

VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)
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In this article well be taking a look at another Layer 2 concept, the VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP). In this article well explore the basic operation and elements of VTP, including the benefits that it provides from network traffic and configuration perspective.

SEO Corner – Keyword-rich URLs and search engine visibility
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Question: Can an search engine’s bot distinguish between words in a domain name? For example, if a domain name is www.biggreenboat.com, will search engines “separate” these words (Big Green Boat) and then give prominence towards keywords or as if treated as keywords?

Your Piece of Cyber Real Estate

In a landmark case, the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals has just stated that domain names, despite their virtual nature, should be treated exactly as a “plot of land” would be. This is a huge victory for all domain name registrants, not just for Gary Kremen who can now continue his lawsuit against Network Solutions for allowing the theft of his Sex.com domain name. NSI had argued that domain names are intangible property and therefore they could not be held liable for damages. (Kremen vs. Cohen Case #01-15899)

Duplicate content in the search engines
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Reader question: If I have my web site www.depression-therapist.co.uk and then got another, such as www.depression-therapist.com or www.depression-anxiety.com would I be in effect causing search engines to think I am spamming, if both sites have the identical written content? Will they take one or both of my sites off their search engines? Or will I have to make BOTH sites different? I would be grateful for any thoughts on this.

Importance of having your own domain name

question that I frequently hear is “Do I really need to have my own domain name?” The one word answer is “YES.”. If you put up your site with some of the free web hosting services, the only company who benefits is the web hosting company. The last person who benefits is you. There are a number of reasons why having your own domain name is a must:

How to Drive Traffic With Domain Names

In my consulting practice, I teach my clients about the tremendous importance of communicating credibility. In an overcommunicated, overmarketed society, credibility has become increasingly vital. To a prospect that is receiving your marketing materials for the first time, your company may have little or no believability because you may well be totally unknown to your prospect. Along with the growth of online scams, the hypercompetitive nature of the Internet will make credibility an even more important issue.

Gain Fame Playing The Domain Name Game

As of June 2001, over 22.7 million “.com” top level domains (or “TLDs”) have been registered. In other words, the Internet consists of close to 23,000,000 dot-coms,which,in turn, are 76% of all TLDs. It means that you’re more likely to win the lottery than find a good domain name.

Introduction to VLANs

I’m always amazed how people get themselves all tied in a knot when the topic of VLANs comes up. At the most basic level, a VLAN is nothing more than a broadcast domain. The only difference between a traditional broadcast domain and one defined by a VLAN is that traditionally a broadcast domain has been seen as a distinct physical entity whose boundaries consist of a router. In fact, VLANs are very similar – their boundaries are also defined by a routing device, just like any broadcast domain. However, a VLAN is a logical construct, meaning that hosts are not necessarily groups within the physical confines of a traditional broadcast domain.

How I Host My New Dot-Com Websites For FREE!

When it comes to selling online, one thing is certain: a small focused website that features just one lead product will far outsell a big website that features lots of products and links.

Domain Names Explained

So you want a domain name… You want your very own “yourcompany.com” Internet identity. You want to stamp it in your business cards, brochures, and all your marketing communication vehicles. And you want it know. Problem is: you don’t know where to start. Let’s start from the beginning.

Select a Domain Name with Search Engines in Mind

To get your Web site on the Internet, you need a domain name and a hosting company. Follow these tips when selecting a domain name.

How to Register a Domain Name

Here’s how you register a domain name.

DBAs, TMs & .Coms

“… I’d like to register my business name with the proper town authorities as a sole proprietorship. To protect myself and my business name from being copied and altered, do I have to register any and all variations of the name? And is this done separately or is it done under the one application? … Is this what I need to do in order to stop anyone from using a variation of my business name? And can my business name be trademarked along with its variations?”

It Could Happen To You

No, I’m not talking about the warm and fuzzy movie that was on cable the other night with Nicholas Cage and Brigitte Fonda. I’m talking about another type of experience altogether – one of the decidedly cold and nasty variety.

HowTo Get and Use New Longer Website Names To Promote Your Business

New 67 Character Domain Names.

How To Sell Your Website or Domain Name For Big Money

There’s gold in web site domain names. You probably saw the headlines when business.com changed hands for $7.5 million. Wine.com went for big bucks, too. And who can forget when AltaVista had to shuck out millions to buy their name from the original owner?

Is your domain name taken?

Have you tried to find a good domain name lately? If you have, chances are that you had some trouble finding one.

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Fix The Basics

OPENING PAGE AND MAIN CONTENT – Upon entering the site, first impression is a personal home page due to the background, the animated gifs, and amount of scrolling and large text. My recommendation would be to create a standard template for all pages to follow.

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Bad Design, Poor Graphics

Well, viewing the site was a little shock at first, but it was not the site’s content. In general, the whole site looks more like a personal webpage than a commercial website. The general design is very bad and the graphics are lacking.

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Fix The Navigation

I must say.. the site does offer a very focused type of product.. but that is not the issue at hand.