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Google Loses Gmails UK Domain

Google may be defensive of its brand, but, it appears that Google is not has driven to protect its Gmail brand. Recently, the search engine went on a buying binge for domains that resembled the Google brand name. However, it appears that they forgot, or didn’t care, to do the same for Gmail.

SES London: Link Building And Domain Name Issues

The Search Engine Strategies London conference started a week ago and I’m glad that Alan Webb attended and shared his observations over at SEOChat. I’ve gone through his posts and lifted what I think are the most important SEO tips – be sure to check out his complete posts.

Who is Really Making the Expired Domains Money?

What is an expired Domain Name?

An expired Domain Name is a Domain Name which was previously registered but the owner did not re-register it. If a Domain Name expires, it becomes available for anyone to register.

The Google Domain Game

Gary Price at ResourceShelf.com has compiled a list of domains that were either registered by Google or contain the Google name.

Domain Names and Anchor Text

Branding vs Naming

Many people say that the name of a website should be original. It should convey some sense of branding unlike any other site. They say your name should not be generic.

Google: Popular Name In Domain Registrations
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The building furor over Google’s IPO may have inspired over 400 domain name registrations that included the name “Google” in April and the beginning of May. These domains were not registered by Google.

Layer 2 Switching and Bridging

Any look at network switching concepts will ultimately lead to a discussion about network bridging, and vice versa. At the end of the day, the roles played by a bridge and a switch are more or less identical – they help to break a network up into a number of smaller collision domains. Recall from earlier in the series that a collision domain is simply a group of computers amongst which data collisions can occur. For example, when connecting systems using a hub, all systems are considered to be part of the same collision domain, since the hub will simply forward data out all ports, with no regard for where the actual destination host is located.

Google Awarded Rights To Froogle UK Domain

Google has secured the rights to Froogle’s UK domain name. Froogle.co.uk had been cyber-squatted by LWD Internet, an e-commerce solutions provider. The company registered the domain when Google launched Froogle.com, Google’s shopping search engine.

A Winning Domain Name

The domain name is one of the most important decisions you will make when trying to win over the search engine dilemma. Try using at least one of your best keywords within your domain name.

Easy Domain Migration To a New Unix Server

Switching web providers or installing a new server entails migrating all your domain’s web pages and other files.

Choosing Domain Names For Search Engine Placement

The following outlines the choice of domain names for enhanced search engine optimization in a nutshell – if you stick to the advice presented here, you will be both safe and successful in all your search engine positioning efforts.

42 Killer Domain Secrets Exposed!

The Basic Stuff

Every website needs a domain name. Example “WebBootCamp.com” is a domain name. Your domain is your website address, a.k.a. URL (universal resource locator). Should you use your company name for your domain? Maybe, maybe not. Is it memorable? Easy to spell? Does it contain keywords that relate to your business? For more considerations on choosing a domain, I’ve put together the following checklist.

What is a Domain Name and Why Do You Need One?

What is a Domain Name

A domain name in its simplest form is just an Internet Website address. Just as your house or apartment has its own unique identifying address for the post office, so does each and every Website in existence.

Ten Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name
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What makes a good domain name? Well, it’s a subjective issue, of course, but here are ten tips to point you in the right direction.

Add-On Domains, Parked Domains and Sub-Domains

Once you have a website up and running, you may want to launch other websites. The default way to do it is to register new domain names and open new hosting accounts. However, opening new hosting accounts can be expensive, especially if you still have plenty of free space and bandwidth available in your original account. Fortunately, it is possible to share the web space and bandwidth of your original account among different sites.

Understanding DNS in Windows XP Professional
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This article will provide a beginning overview of the DNS service provided by Windows 2000 server and how it interacts in Windows XP Professional environments.

Get Traffic using Expiring Domain Names

Each day 20,000 plus domain names expire and become available for anyone to register. This is valuable if you are seeking a domain to help you boost your traffic, or are looking to resell the names for a profit.

How to Choose Your Reputable Domain Registration Service

Years ago we registered our first domain name with the only show in town — InterNIC. They were expensive and not consumer-friendly — can you spell “monopoly?” Then we registered two more domain names with them. Expensive…but OK…if that was all we wanted to do. They would charge us to sell one of our domain names…monopolies can do this!

Domain Name Basics

Domain name is like your office name on the internet.It is your online identity.You have full rights on your domain name once it was registered under your name with that particular TLD.(See below)

Tips On Choosing Your Domain Name

Your domain name comes long way with you and your online success. So follow these tips to make yourself comfortable with domain name selection.

Is Your Domain Name Secure? Interview With a Domain Appraiser

Denise Hoyle is a certified real estate appraiser. She is also an expert in the field of internet domain names.