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ICANN Approves .Tel Domain

ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) unanimously approved the creation of the new .Tel Top Level Domain (TLD) for contact information directories, and awarded the contract to Telnic Limited.

ICANN Votes Down XXX Domain

The .XXX Sponsored Top Level Domain (sTLD), the so-called “virtual red light district” proposed by the ICM Registry, was voted down by the International Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) yesterday by a vote of 9 to 5.

Former Intermix CEO Buys Domain Parker

Shh! Whatever you do, don’t say Intermix. Say “Richard Rosenblatt, former chairman and CEO of the company behind MySpace.” They might remember. Even better, call him the MySpace “founder,” DeWolfe and Anderson won’t care – everybody knows press releases are full of it.

How To Keep Your Office Live Domain

IPWalk has found that Office Live has now registered over 60,000 domain names, and counting.

EU Domain Takes Off

Europeans have rushed to grab a virtual home in cyberspace, says the BBC.

Thinking Up A Great Domain Name That’s Still Available

I’d be a zillionaire if I earned a dollar each time someone complains that all the great domain names are already taken.

Google Prompts MBD Speculation

What is MBD? Why is it in Google’s robots.txt file? Who reads Google’s robots.txt file enough to notice this? Where can you find the answer?

Family & Porn Groups Team Up To Kill Bill

When the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) lacked the fortitude to withstand the flurry of protestations against the proposed .xxx domain for pornographic websites, two U.S. Senators took up the cause proposing not just the domain’s creation but also a .com eviction notice.

Judge To Hand Over Some Google Info

As the old song goes, Google is fighting the law and the law is winning. Though the official ruling and its extent are yet to be released, a federal judge indicated he would require Google to comply with at least part of the Dept. of Justice’s request for information.

Buying Domain Names

Over at the SEM 2.0 discussion group run by Andrew Goodman, there’s a thread about buying domain names that has been offering some excellent suggestions.

Dotster $1 Domain Names
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For one hour today between 4-5pm EST, Dotster.com will be offering domain names for only one dollar.

Gmail For Domains Launched

As predicted, Google has announced Gmail for domains. For now, businesses can express interest in using Gmail for their .com email addresses, and Google will contact them back if they’ve been selected to participate in the beta test.

Hints At ‘Gmail For Domains’ In JavaScript

Garett Rogers at ZDNet notices that hidden within Gmail source code are hints that Google is developing a future version of Gmail, “Caribou”, that will allow people to point their domain DNS servers at Google to use Gmail.

Gmail Hints At Managed Domain Service

An intrepid blogger delved deep into the JavaScript underpinning Google’s Gmail service, and found a snippet of code pointing to a potential feature.

Google Testing PayPal Killer GBuy

Several retailers have been quietly testing a Google payment system called GBuy, and users will see a GBuy icon next to AdWords paid search ads. PayPal has dominated the online payment field for some time. It has been a profitable business, one which eBay purchased in October 2002.

Jim Boykin Blog on Fire

Not “really” on fire, but lots of great info on Jim Boykin’s blog lately.

Google Passes 2005 In Blog Style

The official Google blog has been the search advertising company’s way of discussing its business moves and other actions over the course of the previous year.

Buy a Domain, Get a Blog

Not too long ago, USB hard drives were expensive and uncommon.

How About Some More Domain Options?

How useful would a single-letter domain be? Is, for example, Y.com a worthy investment for, say, the YMCA or someone wanting to set up a site that answers “why” questions? How about domains that use the company name instead of .com? Could podcast.mycompany be a craze that gains ground in the domain game?

Dot-US Domain Registry On The Rise

In the United States, where dot-com is still king, few have paid attention to the sudden spike in activity at the dot-us (.us) domain extension, which grew by 21 percent in the third quarter. Many of these .us domains are being bought by companies based outside the USA. Over the past 12 months, .US registry DNS lookups have increased by 250 percent to approximately 10 billion per month.

Why Register for a .EU Domain Name?

UK shared hosting company Active24 is selling pre-registration for .EU domain names. What reasons would you have to get a .EU domain name?