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Custom Domain Names Catch On At Blogger

Google’s Blogger just got a lot more flexible: It will now support custom domain names for your blog. “We’ll continue to host all your content as before, but it will be displayed at your new address,” promises a post at Blogger Help.

Wargames Fight Brewing Over Domain Name

Author Rogers Cadenhead has owned Wargames.com for eight years, but faces the prospect of losing the domain to MGM Studios in arbitration.

Google Wants To Start Up Your Domain

Users who participate in the Google Apps for Your Domain service from Google have a new option available, a custom start page for members of the organization.

Google Opens Up About Public Domain Books

Google blocks access for users outside the U.S. to public domain books, much to the dismay of some. To make matters worse, the reasons behind this policy were something of a mystery – until now. A post on the Inside Google Book Search blog explained the company’s thinking.

Google Adsense Banning Users With Google Domain

Ionut Chitu, one of the most proficient bloggers out there, just got banned from Adsense because he uses the word Google in his blog’s domain name: googlesystem.blogspot.com.

Google Just Now Owns AdSense.com

Three years after Google launched its AdSense service, the company finally owns the AdSense.com domain. Previously, the domain was owned by AdSense Consulting, who bought the domain in 1996.

Judge Denies Suspension Of Spamhaus Domain

Spamhaus.org garnered its first win in court, now that the company has decided to show up, against e360Insight. US District Court Judge Charles Kocaras denied a sweeping motion filed by e360 to order the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and domain registrar Tucows to suspend Spamhaus’ domain name.

.Mobi – The Birth Of A Mobile Internet Revolution?

The recent announcement that .mobi domain names had been released for general sale caused very little stirring on the Internet.

AOL Delivers My eAddress
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The free option from AOL allows users to pick up a .com or .net domain and add up to 100 additional usernames to that domain.

Multiple Domain Names Penalty
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If you own a web site AND you have multiple domain names registered, you might want to read this with your full attention.

Don’t Risk Losing Your Business Domain Name!

I Can’t Remember Where I Purchased My Domain Name!

Google Launches Microsoft Office Alternative

There’s long been speculation that Google was preparing an online office suite that would take on Microsoft Office products.

Google Apps No Microsoft Threat Yet

Google debuted its Apps for Your Domain as a hosted communications option for domain owners, and it is being touted in some places as a gauntlet being tossed down in challenge to Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Cybersquatter Shootout

Microsoft swaggered out of Redmond today with steely eyes and leathery skin, heeled with a pair of six shooters aimed at cybersquatters – four of them Microsoft knows by name, and 217 of them it doesn’t. In the saddlebag, software for anybody else with the guts to chase these dogs down.

EU Domain Grabs Lead To Lawsuits

The European Registry of Internet Domain names (EURid) suspended the registrations of over 74,000 .eu domains and accused 400 registrars of warehousing names for resale.

Google And 520 Domain Names

The list of domain names owned by the Googleplex consists of the expected, the unexpected, and the gmmgjd too.

Wanting to use dead Office and why were not

Why is backward compatibility so important? Because humans hate change. Me too. I’m swearing left and right at Gmail and Google Calendar.

Subdomains. What are the SEO benefits?

There has always been a long standing debate over whether or not to use a subdomain. Questions I commonly receive are…

Blog Address: Directory or Domain?
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Recently I fielded an emailed question from a reader as to which is better home for a blog: as part of the company web site (www.company.com/blog/) or as a separate domain (www.companyblog.com)?

Open Source In eHarmony Development Bliss

When it comes to avoiding outages that cost a business $1,000 per minute of downtime, the matchmaking site eHarmony prefers an open source stack for its operations.

What’s Your Name, Little Website?

All the good names online really are taken, which is why so many new web sites have arrived on the scene with mashed-up words, dropped vowels, and other tweaks to make them memorable.