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Yee-hah! Dallas Cowboys Clueless On Domains
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Poor Jerry Jones, first his ‘Boys get curb-stomped by the Patriots, then it turns out the attorney representing them at a domain name auction has no idea about the starting or ending price.

PirateBay Swipes Anti-Piracy Domain

There may be some seafaring pirates still out there, somewhere in the South Pacific, but modern day pirates operate in digital formats. The most recent booty attained by the notorious PirateBay: a shanghaied domain formerly belonging to their fiercest enemy.

Dot-Asia Domain Bidding Opens
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Bidding on .asia domains began in Hong Kong today, initially open to businesses with trademarks and government offices.

Facebook Prevails In Domain Dispute

I can see how a typo could lead a person to visit Facenook, or perhaps Racebook, on their way to a certain social networking site.  But now Facebook has won a dispute involving Face-book, which was formerly owned by a company known as YOLAPT.

Google Ready To Clip Coupons

Several domain names with the words ‘Google’ and ‘coupon’ have appeared on Google’s name servers, which could indicate a holiday marketing effort for its advertisers.

LocalSearch.com Domain Sells For $3.3 Million

Idearc Media, a publisher of online directories, including Superpages.com has purchased the LocalSearch.com URL and made a strategic investment in AmericanTowns.com, a virtual town square for community based news and information. The deal will be completed in the third quarter of 2007 for $3.3 million.

Dotcom Falls Into Baby Name Domain

This is a topic close to my heart and I have to say I agree whole-heartedly – well, it’s a good idea, anyway. Parents are picking baby names based upon the availability of a domain name that matches.

SES: Let The Domain Drive

Domainers have been enjoying some additional attention these days, and that extends to a session at SES San Jose 2007 where they discussed tips and the power of the domain address bar.

ICANN Does Some Domain Taste Testing
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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the quasi-independent organization that oversees domain and registry practices, have launched an investigation into the practice of "domain tasting."

Bad Marketing & Domain Names Kill Businesses
Perhaps this is a lawsuit as a marketing strategy, but recently a smaller private company sued BankRate for being a monopoly

Google Makes Real Estate-AdWords Arrangement
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Google’s in it for the long haul – the search giant just signed a three-year deal with Network Communications, “the leading publisher of printed and online real estate information in North America.”  At stake?  AdWords.

Doh! Simpsons Cybersquatter Loses Domain
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Perhaps he should have just taken the 300 bucks. Instead Keith Malley, now the former owner of TheSimpsonsMovie.com, is most likely out some money.

Business.com Sells For $350 Million
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The $7.5 million price tag for Business.com paid by two businessmen in 1999 looks like a fantastic bargain now that R.H. Donnelley has purchased it for roughly $350 million.

Google uses WHOIS Data?

What happens if you leave your title tag blank? It’s a bit embarrassing, but I developed a site for a friend years ago and after a modification to the homepage earlier this year the title tag has been empty (note, I wasn’t doing SEO, just the site).

I noticed this not from looking into the code itself, but from checking some rankings manually through Google. I noticed the listing wasn’t the name of the site or the page, but rather of the company itself!

Domainers Get A Legal Lesson

If you’re going to play the domain game, there are some things you need to know. Legal things. Important legal things.

ICANN To Address Domain Name Expansion

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) opened its 29th International Public Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico yesterday.

During the week-long meeting ICANN will address issues like new generic top-level domains, international domain names and how the agency can become more transparent.

Joost + YouTube = Veoh TV

It seems like form Disney exec Michael Eisner is determined to make online video his next domain, with the beta launch this week of Veoh TV.

What’s Wrong wth .biz Domain Names
Question: I have a .biz website that ranks well in some of the major search engines for a few keywords, but does not rank as well as I would like for many other keywords. Should I consider switching to a .com domain name?

Domain Name Monetization

Many Internet Marketers fail to realize that having multiple domain names can be fundamental to your success in marketing your own product or engaged in affiliate marketing. The good news is that with the availability of domain coupon codes and innovative web hosting, you can build a virtual empire easily, even if you’re just starting out.

Let’s look at this scenario:

You’re a new affiliate marketer starting out, and you want to generate some sales. What do you do?

Review: Trackback Spider

What Does Trackback Spider Do?

From what I have read on the pre-release materials, it sends trackback notifications to create one-way links to your website.

That means:-

VeriSign’s CEO Steps Down

It’s the end of an era at VeriSign – Stratton Sclavos, the company’s CEO, has resigned.  “[T]he leading provider of digital infrastructure for the networked world” will now be managed by William A. Roper, Jr.

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