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Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Enhance Non-Goth Appeal

Let me begin by saying that I am not a “goth” individual and I know very little about the culture; however, I did find several items in your inventory that I could see myself or others like me purchasing for various reasons unrelated to the “goth” culture. Having said this, here are my suggestions for increasing your site’s trustworthiness and attracting more visitors.

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Too Much Empty Space

I went to Julie’s site and even though this is not my thing :) I wanted to help her because I could relate because I’ve seen my site for so long that I can’t see it objectively.

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Too Cluttered

Re: Shadow Domain… here’s my comments for what they’re worth…

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Optimize For Search Engines

Julie makes a common mistake in thinking that being “listed on several search engines” will bring her traffic. A site can be listed in every search engine in the world but not have enough traffic. Being listed and being found when people look for the service or goods you sell are two entirely different things.

Shaddow Domain Peer Review Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first NetDummy peer review of the site Shaddow Domain. We here at NetDummy realize that this site was a bit, well, over the top. Two of you even complained about our selection. So allow me to explain.

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Make It Livelier

I had a look at the site, and its not bad – better than I could do, but a couple of things struck me.

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Short Comments

Not all reviewers send in lengthy reviews, but many have good ideas regardless. Here are the short comments:

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Theme Has Potential But Site Needs Tweaking…

Site theme has lots of potential. The merchandise is really cute. That’s why I’m taking the time to reply. But…

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Too Much Scrolling Around

Like Julie Pedersen, Web Mistress of Shadow Domain, I too am a self taught web designer, (approx 6 years) who’s need to come to grips with the web & web design, was driven by other business demands. I now design a limited number of web sites for small to medium businesses.

User Rights – User Privileges Category

The Windows XP Professional operating system allows for Rights to be configured to both individual users as well as to groups of users. Right are best described as permitted actions that are allowed to those users or groups on a specific system or allowed actions within the domain.

Outside In – Site Design from the Customer’s Perspective

How do you create a site that works? You can read a stack of books on HTML and still get it all wrong – this happens time and again.

Is Your Domain Name A Trademark Infringement?

I recently received an email from a concerned, fellow Internet business owner, asking for my opinion on an issue that could literally destroy his Internet business and the business of several other domains involved.

Domain Logic and SQL

Over the last couple of decades we’ve seen a growing gap between database-oriented software developers and in-memory application software developers.

New Trend Shows Domain Branding More Important Than Ever Before

On Feb. 6th, 2003, websidestory Inc., [http://www.websidestory.com], a web analyzation company released a report showing that the majority of websites are now visited by direct navigation, instead of using search engines and web links.

Direct Web Navigation is when a visitor locates a site by typing the domain directly into the browser or from a using a bookmark.

How to Boost Your Chances at Having a Successful Web Site

New Web sites are springing up online by the millions. However, when they don’t reach a level of success, the Web site owners assume that you can’t make money off the Internet.

Profiting with Expired Website Traffic

A few years ago, an Internet visionary named Ultsearch came along, stumbled across the most ingenious profit generation idea in the history of the Internet age, and quietly went on to make untold millions. To this day, he has held a monopoly on the biggest underground industry on the Web. In fact, you’ve likely helped him out, and not known it. So how did he single-handedly go on to plunder the spoils of the Internet? He connected two simple dots: expired domains + link popularity and realized their sum equaled expired traffic.

Fun and Useful Things You Can Do with Domain Names

Before you become a “domain connoisseur,” you need to understand the advantages of owning more then one domain and what you can do with them:

1) Redirects: Maybe when you registered your site there were other names you liked as well, or perhaps you registered the .net version of your name. It’s very easy to point these names to your existing site so when someone types in one of these alternate domain names in their browser, they’ll still wind up at your site.

Get Your Own Domain Name Or Die

Would you buy from someone with an “@yahoo.com” e-mail address? I wouldn’t. And the clients I’ve had the most trouble with use yahoo addresses or other free addresses. I understand that you don’t want your regular e-mail address in ads that your run on free ad sites to prevent spam, but lets use some common sense here.

If you don’t buy anything from yahoo’s off line why would you buy from a yahoo online? If you’re serious about your business you have to show it in your actions. The first action to take is to buy your own domain name and use it for all of your e-mails.

5 Super Easy Secrets To A Winning Domain Name

Are you having sleepless nights thinking of the right domain name for your online business?

Public Domain Profits

Copyright law goes back to the founding fathers who, in order “to promote the progress of science and useful arts” in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, secured for authors, artists and inventors the exclusive right to their work for 28 years. In 1909, the Copyright Act allowed that after 28 years, protection could be renewed for another 28 years. In 1978, the law was revised to provide protection until 50 years after the creator’s death. The 1978 law also extended previous unexpired copyrights for another 47 years.

Why Use Multiple Domain Names?

It’s quite common for a site to be referenced by more than one domain name. In fact, most sites are referenced by at least two: a www version and a non-www version. These are usually set up to reference the index page on a site and produce the same results for a searcher.

It could, however, be argued that these are the same domain names. So the question remains: why would someone want to have more than one unique domain name for a single site?

Search engines – First, let’s take a brief look at search engines. In the past, it was a very common spamming technique to purchase dozens, hundreds or in some gross cases, thousands of domain names, all referencing exactly the same site. These were all submitted to the search engines, and many of them were indexed and blindly added to the results. This is how many questionable sites used to get top search results very quickly and inexpensively.