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ICANN Sets Limits On Domain Refunds

ICANN has put the final nail in the coffin of domain tasting by imposing limits on the number of domains registrars can return within the five-day grace period.

Registrars will only be able to return ten percent of registered domains or fifty, whichever is greater, per month within the five day grace period for a full refund. A registrar purchasing 1,000 domains at $6 a piece, then, would only be allowed to return 100 of them in a month and would receive a maximum $600 refund.

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Fees Proposed To Embitter Domain Tasting

Network Solutions suggested to ICANN the adoption of a per-transaction fee to try and rein in the practices of domain kiting and front running domain names in volume.

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ICANN’s Recent Proposal to Curb Domain Tasting

Over the last month I and others have written quite a bit about domain tasting and how registrars are taking advantage of the policy, allowing them to capture potential domain names that their customers are searching for.

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ICANN Takes On Domain Tasting

It took a small panel of us to translate the minutes of the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) meeting regarding the practice of domain tasting, which read like an MC Escher painting, but we think we got it, and here’s what we’ve come up with:

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Rumor: Google Ending AdSense For Domain Tasting

The big bucks involved with slapping AdSense on domains during their free five-day grace period may dry up completely if Google takes action on the subject.

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Network Solutions to Change Front-Running Practice

As we reported yesterday, Network Solutions has been in a lot of deep-water after many people discovered the company was guilty of "front-running"–the practice of registering a domain name after someone has checked on its availability.

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Network Solutions Backs Down, A Little

After a fiery uproar, Network Solutions (NetSol) is backing down some from the recently instituted practice of automatically registering domains customers search for on the company’s site. If available, NetSol would hold the domain for four days and sell it for $34.99.

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Network Solutions Charging For Protection

Controversy is brewing about domain registrar company Network Solutions’ newly instituted practice of automatically registering domain names users search for and then jacking up the price during ICANN’s return grace period.

Critics call it "extortion," but Network Solutions calls it a service to protect customers from the practice of "front running." The extra charge is, assumedly, the protection fee — you know, just like the one the mob offers.

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ICANN Does Some Domain Taste Testing

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the quasi-independent organization that oversees domain and registry practices, have launched an investigation into the practice of "domain tasting."

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