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The German Digital Divide

Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, is experiencing a digital divide, according to German industry association Bitkom.

Western German states, including Hesse and Bavaria, have the majority of Internet addresses ending in the German ".de" country code domain, with the country’s five former Communist eastern states landing at the bottom of the list.

Stranger-Than-Fiction Google Domain Names
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You know those monkeys that are supposed to recreate the works of Shakespeare?  Judging from some of the strange domain names Google owns, the company appears to have hired a handful of them.

The Return of Google’s WHOIS Feature
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Google had launched an application in January 2004 called WHOIS, that was later withdrawn. However, now according to Matt Cutts, the WHOIS feature has been released again.

By entering a simplistic web address such as whois google.com, a user would be able to know the creation and the expiration date of the domain.

Pizza.com Sells For $2.6 Million

A Maryland man has sold the domain name "pizza.com" for $2.6 million.

Chris Clark paid $20 to register the domain name back in 1994, hoping it would help his Internet consulting business get a contract with a pizza company. He never received a contract and sold the business in 2000.

Fox Business Network Fails To Win Domain Name

If you want to learn about the Fox Business Network, foxbusinessnetwork.com is not the place to do it.  That domain name belongs to Worldwide Directory Services, and, according to a ruling by the World International Property Organization, WDS will continue to be its owner.

Domain Name Fetches Record Price
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A British cruise operator has paid a record $1.1 million for the domain name cruises.co.uk.

Seamus Conlon company already owned the address cruise.co.uk so the letter "s" proved to be an expensive acquisition. The price breaks the earlier record for a .co.uk domain of $300,000 paid in October last year.

Secondary Domain name Sales Total GBP37 Million in 2007

According to SEDO, internet domain name sales in the secondary market totaled GBP37 Million.

Sedo, the leading online market place for buying and selling Internet domain names and websites, has launched its annual report on the growth of the secondary Internet domain name market in 2007.


The report, which has tracked the state of the secondary Internet domain market annually since 2004, unveils the latest figures for 2007.

CNN Picks Up iReport.com
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Perhaps we’re just happy it’s Friday, but this sounds like good news all around: CNN has bought the domain iReport.com for $750,000.

Network Solutions Taking Advantage of Consumers?

Bill Hartzer has performed a very interesting piece of domain name research and written up a detailed synopsis on the way Network Solutions seems to be taking advantage of the consumers who use their domain name look-up tool.

Google Shuffles Lots Of Domains

The DNS admins had plenty to do at Google this week, with a lot of domain names being moved to Google’s servers.

Suck Quieter, Lest They Make A Website About It
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Pick whichever cliché you like: what goes around comes around; you catch more flies with honey; adding insult to injury; cutting off your nose to spite your face; his butt would make Harold a Sunday face. They all could apply here – maybe not that last one; just something my grandfather used to say.

Domainers Can’t Get Any Respect

Last week the second part of my “Domaining & Subdomaining in the Local Space” pubbed on Search Engine Land, and I’m particularly pleased with it, although my friends can deservedly kick me around a bit for writing articles too long. I did quite a lot of research for the two-part series, most particularly for this second segment which was focused entirely on Local Domaining.

What’s Wrong wth .biz Domain Names
Question: I have a .biz website that ranks well in some of the major search engines for a few keywords, but does not rank as well as I would like for many other keywords. Should I consider switching to a .com domain name?

VeriSign’s CEO Steps Down

It’s the end of an era at VeriSign – Stratton Sclavos, the company’s CEO, has resigned.  “[T]he leading provider of digital infrastructure for the networked world” will now be managed by William A. Roper, Jr.

Dutchman Takes Down Bogus Google Dating Sites

Last week controversy erupted when Google UK announced it had plans to take legal action against a Dutchman who used the word "Google" in the domain names he has registered.

Will Domain Names Become Less Relevant?
Currently domain names carry significant weight in Google’s relevancy algorithms if they match the search query, but that is a signal destined to lose value.

Thinking Up A Great Domain Name That’s Still Available

I’d be a zillionaire if I earned a dollar each time someone complains that all the great domain names are already taken.

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