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Fees Proposed To Embitter Domain Tasting
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Network Solutions suggested to ICANN the adoption of a per-transaction fee to try and rein in the practices of domain kiting and front running domain names in volume.

Domain Kiting, PPC Abuse Dropping In Tandem
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Through a subtle change in policy for displaying AdSense on domains, Google managed to reduce the impact of domain kiting and pay per clicks associated with misused brand names.

Network Solutions Backs Down, A Little
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After a fiery uproar, Network Solutions (NetSol) is backing down some from the recently instituted practice of automatically registering domains customers search for on the company’s site. If available, NetSol would hold the domain for four days and sell it for $34.99.

Network Solutions Charging For Protection
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Controversy is brewing about domain registrar company Network Solutions’ newly instituted practice of automatically registering domain names users search for and then jacking up the price during ICANN’s return grace period.

Critics call it "extortion," but Network Solutions calls it a service to protect customers from the practice of "front running." The extra charge is, assumedly, the protection fee — you know, just like the one the mob offers.