CyanogenMod Domain Moves After Original Is Shut Down By Owner

CyanogenMod Domain Moves After Original Is Shut Down By Owner

By Zach Walton November 14, 2012

It would be a bit of an understatement to say that CyanogenMod is the most popular Android modding group on the Internet. It’s more accurate to say that these guys are the face of the Android modding scene. They weren’t …

ICANN To Become a More Independent Company

After 11 years, the not-for-profit group Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers–which we all know as ICANN–is becoming more independent.

Domain .Me Dotted With Problems

Registrar GoDaddy began offering the .me domains from registration, but the process overwhelmed the company with issues.

Israel.com: Bidding Starts At $5.5 Million

Moniker.com plans to part with a number of domain names at auction on May 23rd. One of the domains will be Israel.com, with the highest starting bid in the group.

Site Move Planned? Remember Your 301s
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301 redirections will help Google find your site if a move to a new domain, as they reminded webmasters with some helpful moving tips.

Secure Your Domain Name

What’s in a (domain) name?

Part of your online identity, for a start.

Have you registered a domain in your own name? If not, have you checked whether someone else has? And if they have, do you know what they’re doing with your name?

Network Solutions, Critics Spar Over Domain Front Running
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The Network Solutions practice of registering domains being searched by visitors to the registrar has domainers demanding action by ICANN.

PubCon – Effective Domaining Strategies
Today’s domain picture is multifaceted and complex. This session will look at effective processes and strategies for successful domain buying today.

Dell Accuses Domain Tasters Of Counterfeiting

Forget about trademark infringement; computer manufacturer Dell wants to make a statement in its lawsuit against domain registrars.

Study Looks at Mistyped Domains & Typosquatters

A new study by a major internet security company is taking aim at typosquatting, the practice of buying a misspelled domain name in the hopes that someone will mistype the name and land on that site.

If someone then clicks on an text ad on the site the domain owner and the parking company will make money.

While the internet security company is trying to point out the problem of typosquatting, a problem that I do not necessarily agree with, they seem to be implying that the domain parking companies are part of the problem.

Microsoft Webmaster Portal Live in Beta

MSN Webmaster Portal was announced in August and was to be released into beta in September and be fully accessible by the end of November, however very little has been released since the initial announcement. Until now.

Google To Topple Baidu With Short Domain Name?
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Someone who’s too weak, lazy, or pressed for time to type eight letters and a period is in serious trouble.  But anyone who would rather type eight than three is just silly, and so Google China has unveiled a new domain name: G.cn.

Microsoft’s Domain Name Registration Blowout

There are four posts at Resource Shelf, chock full of domains registered by or transferred to Microsoft, that you might be interested in.

Your Search Ad: No Search, But You Paid Google
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When is a search ad click not really a click? According to Richard Ball of Apogee Web Consulting, it’s when someone clicks an ad on a parked domain to reach a site. So why is Google charging for these as ad clicks?

ICANN To Investigate Domain Claim Jumping

Domain "claim jumping" has a better ring to it than domain name "front running," but the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) isn’t exactly known for its sexy monikers. Regardless, ICANN is investigating whether insiders are gaming the system for profit.

Seven Reasons Why Your Website Exploded

Several common website errors may give webmasters fits, not to mention site visitors when seeing them appear online.

Dallas Cowboys Return Cowboys.com Domain Name

Last week I spoke about SEO, Search, and Domain Names at the TRAFFIC domain name conference, held in Hollywood, Florida.