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CyanogenMod Domain Moves After Original Is Shut Down By Owner

It would be a bit of an understatement to say that CyanogenMod is the most popular Android modding group on the Internet. It’s more accurate to say that these guys are the face of the Android modding scene. They weren’t always like that though, and their humble beginnings have presented a problem that has taken its original domain down. The …

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Facebook Protects Name And Brand

Did they really think Facebook wouldn’t notice? FacebookOfSex.com (previously owned by FriendFinder Networks) was able to live for about a year and had over four million visitors before Facebook was able to get the rogue domain shut down recently. Facebook now owns the rights to the domain name and has been very busy protecting its name and brand against several …

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Jotform.com Is Back In The Hands Of Its Rightful Owner

The Jotform.com domain was returned today. The only problem is that the feds still aren’t saying what caused the suspension in the first place. You may remember yesterday when we reported that Jotform.com was suspended by the federal government for apparently no reason. When the Jotform team attempted to contact the Secret Service as to why their Web site had …

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SOPA: GoDaddy Kind of Blacks Out

GoDaddy used to be in support of SOPA, now they’re not. You wouldn’t think that if you went to their site today. GoDaddy, on and off again supporter of SOPA, joined the other sites participating in the blackout today. The only issue is, where is it? Can you see the blackout? I couldn’t see it at first. Then you can …

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