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New Species Of River Dolphin Discovered

A new species of river dolphin has been found in the Brazilian rainforest. The recent dolphin discovery is the first in over 100 years. The new dolphin species was named Inia araguaiaensis and it was discovered in Araguaia River. The Inia araguaiaensis is the third dolphin species to be discovered in the Amazon. “It was an unexpected discovery that shows …

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Coney Island Dolphin Trapped In City Waterway

A dolphin who apparently swam in with the tide was trapped in a shallow creek off Coney Island. Police say the dolphin swam under a debris boom blocking the mouth of the creek during low tide. Experts say the creek is a much too shallow and polluted place for it to survive. Recent history revealed that survival in shallow and …

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Rogue Dolphin Terrorizes Lake Residents

A rogue dolphin has started menacing the residents of an upscale waterfront community outside of New Orleans. The animal was swimming in Lake Pontchartrain in Slidell, Louisiana when his pod left and he was left stranded in the lake. The dolphins originally made their way into the lake shortly after hurricane Katrina. It was only until recently that the pod …

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