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Evil Stick, The Demonic Dollar Store Toy

There’s nothing like a wonderful stroll to your daily dollar store and picking up some economy class toys for your loved ones. So who would have thought that among the libraries of cheap molds and Chloe knock off Barbies that evil was afoot? It was. In Dayton, Ohio, a mother out purchasing a toy wand called ‘EVIL STICK’ for her …

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Dollar Tree Acquires Family Dollar For $8.5 Billion

There were echoes of trouble for dollar store franchise Family Dollar back in April, and talks of an impending buyout. On Monday it was announced that rival franchise Dollar Tree would be buying Family Dollar. Dollar Tree is said to have acquired the floundering company for about eight and a half billion dollars, although it’s believed that the deal could …

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Family Dollar: Store Closings Signal End of An Era?

Once upon a time it was practically guaranteed that no matter what was happening with the economy, the 99¢ or $1 stores would not be affected. After all, if regular stores were too expensive for cash-strapped Americans, many would no doubt turn to stores like Family Dollar for cheap essentials. This belief was shattered by the news that Family Dollar …

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