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Normal Barbie: Stretch Marks, Cellulite, Acne, & All

The doll that everyone has been waiting for is finally here; stretch marks, cellulite, acne, and all. The Lammily doll, also known as the ‘Normal Barbie,’ was created by Pittsburgh graphic designer Nickolay Lamm to show that “reality can be beautiful.” The doll, which is now on sale online for approximately $25, sports no makeup, has brown hair, and is …

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Jeff Dunham Criticized For Terrorist Doll

Jeff Dunham made his rise to fame by performing with dolls. The famous comedian/ventriloquist has been performing with the same dolls, Walter, Peanut, and Achmed, for years. These dolls have become household names, and their characters are loved by millions of people. However, Achmed, the dead terrorist whose catchphrase is “I Kill You,” recently got Dunham in a bit of …

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Creepy Twilight Doll Pulled from Movie

Chucky could have played the part of Renesmee on “Breaking Dawn Part 2” and still would not have been as creepy as the doll they originally had planned to play the part. I think all members of the Twilight gang were in agreement that the doll was one of the creepiest things they have ever seen. Thank goodness they decided …

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Creepy Twilight Doll Too Disturbing for Film

“Chucky” may have been the scariest name in doll history; however, that is about to change. An animatronic doll best described as “creepy” was used to depict Edward and Bella’s child (Renesmee) in the last film. Fortunately for moviegoers Mackenzie Foy’s face was projected onto the doll. Nikki and Mackenzie were both questioned while appearing onThe Ellen Show about the …

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Steve Jobs Doll Can Be Sold After All

Apple fanatics can still buy that Steve Jobs doll if they have the fortune of living in a state that lacks image rights. The Steve Jobs doll being made by Chinese toy company In Icons was threatened by legal action from Apple yesterday. They claimed to own the rights to Jobs’ likeness and all Apple related logos. A recent analysis …

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