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‘123456’ Is Still the Most Common Password, So, Congrats Guys

Congratulations are in order, as a year of corporate data spills and leaked Jennifer Lawrence nudes failed to move the most stubborn among us. Privacy be damned, people still enjoy the ease and comfort of the most simplistic, easily-sussed passwords imaginable. For another year, the most common password was ‘123456’. After that? ‘Password’. The data comes from SplashData, who compiles …

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Nokia: Kids Don’t Want iPhone or Android Anymore

If I’m reading this correctly, at least one person at Nokia believes that the Windows Phone platform is perfect for Hipsters and technologically impaired ducks. In an interview with Pocket-lint, Nokia’s Director of Portfolio, Product Management & Sales Niels Munksgaard laid out his beliefs on why the Windows phone is better than its competitors: “What we see is that youth …

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