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Why MSFT Needed Facebook & GOOG Didn’t

So, after weeks of speculation, Microsoft won the battle over Facebook, with Google second, and Yahoo embarrassingly nowhere to be seen.

Web 2.0 Expo: Venture Capital 2.0

A popular and very funny session today was the session entitled “Venture Capital 2.0: Bright Future or Broken Forever?”. This session was moderated by Mike Arrington of Techcrunch who is a former VC himself and current angel investor. It appeared like it could be boring listen to a bunch of venture capitalists talk, but Arrington did a very nice job spicing it up with well-timed insults and jokes.

Even Dogs Got Blogs, Dog

You know those people that treat their dogs like humans? You know, those people – the ones that use words like “personhood.” Well, it’s because of them that blogs have gone to the dogs – literally. Enter Dogster.com, where every dog has a blog.

Search A Job For Your Dog

SimplyHired has teamed with the dog-loving website Dogster to help dog lovers find jobs with companies that permit their workers to bring man’s best friend with them to the office each day.