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Old School Search Engines: Where Are They Now?

We thought it would be fun to take a walk down search engine memory lane and look at what some of the search engines from the times before Google’s domination are up to these days. Remember the days when the search industry wasn’t dominated by Google or even the combination of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft? I’m going to look at …

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Not President’s Day At Google, Apparently

Ready the vegetable-tossers, conspiracy theorists, and patriotic guillotiners: Google and Yahoo have snubbed President’s Day.

Google especially (in part because nobody pays attention to Yahoo unless Microsoft tries to buy them) is known for spicing up its logo on special days, to commemorate artists, historic accomplishments, and often, national holidays.

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InfoSpace To Lay Off Around 35 Employees

We made it through the holiday season, but we have not, it seems, made it to the end of a rash of layoffs.  Those continued today as it was discovered that InfoSpace would fire about 20 percent of its staff.

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