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Google Shuts Down Services, Cuts Jobs
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Google has decided to shut down some of its services, as well as trim some recruiting jobs, and consolidate engineering offices. Services that Google is shutting down include:

Jaiku Woes Plague Google

Poor performance by the microblogging service Jaiku, owned by Google, have its users seeking more functional pastures.

Google Acquires Jaiku

Well, it was bound to happen: Google has finally made another acquisition, and this time, the lucky target was a company known as Jaiku.

Dodgeball Founders Stop Playing Google’s Game
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I used to enjoy playing dodgeball, but it was one of those games in which someone’s feelings (and/or body) often got hurt.  Now the Internet service named Dodgeball has had a similar effect – its founders, Dennis Crowley and Alex Rainert, have left Google, and the pair didn’t leave in the best of moods.

Dodgeball Guys the Latest to Quit Google

Be warned, if you decided to sell your company to Google, don’t expect to actually enjoy working for the world’s largest search engine. While the money would be nice, judging by the number of resignations Google gets from its acquired companies, the money may be all you get out of the deal.

Yahoo’s Mixd Experiment

Yahoo has launched a mobile social networking service geared towards teens and young adults. The service allows users to share video, photos and send text messages. Yahoo has not made any major announcement concerning the launch of their new site called Mixd.

Google Dabbles In Dodgeball

In May of 2005, Google acquired Dodgeball, and then . . . nothing. Now, almost a year and a half later, Dodgeball users are being asked to sign in using a Google account, which led one blogger to remark that the company “is apparently a Google orphan no more.”

AOL, Google Slammed In Dodgeball Tournament

The First Annual World Wide Web Invitational Dodgeball Tournament was held over the weekened at Chelsea Piers, and MSN trounced competitors from Google and AOL, as well as The Happy Corp, Flavorpill.net and Root.net.

Google Buys Dodgeball

I cannot believe how many people sent me the news that Google has bought Dodgeball, an SMS meetup service.