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iPhone 5 Lightning Adapters Begin Shipping

Apple’s new Lightning connector is elegant, necessary, and was inevitable. The old 30-pin connector was bulky compared to the mini USB cords that are now ubiquitous for a variety of mobile and wireless devices. Don’t mention that to someone who has spent the past five years collecting iPod-compatible accessories, though. The Lightning connector means a period of transition for both …

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iPhone 5 Lightning Cable Knockoffs Won’t Work

iPhone 5 users who were hoping to get cheap third-party replacement or supplementary Lightning cables might be disappointed to learn that those cables aren’t likely to work. An employee from Double Helix Cables has told Apple Insider that the new Lightning cables have what appear to be authentication chips inside of them. During a teardown, the chip was found inside …

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iPhone 5 Won’t Be Getting An Official Dock From Apple

iPhone owners sure love their docks. That’s the impression I get at least whenever I walk into a Radio Shack. Speaker and clock docks are all over the place with every manufacturer hoping to cash in on the iPhone craze. Apple themselves made a few docks during the iPhone 4 and 4S days, but that may no longer be the …

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