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Open Directory Toasted Without Backups

The Open Directory Project has operated under various names, but its latest incarnation managed at AOL has earned a new name: FUBAR.

10 Ideas to Save DMOZ
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DMOZ, also known as the open directory project, is the largest human edited directory in the world and one of the most ‘trusted’ link directories on the internet.

However, in recent years it’s been steadily falling in popularity and the search engines no longer regard it as highly as they once did. More importantly for users, search engines have become progressively smarter and more sophisticated, which means that human edited directories like DMOZ aren’t as important.

Why and How to Submit Your Site to DMOZ
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There has been an idea floating around that getting listed in DMOZ is the main criterion, whether a site is successful or not.

You Down with ODP?

In a recent Matt Cutts blog post (for the unaware: Matt Cutts is a Google engineer, one relatively famous in this admittedly rarified subsphere of society) the great sage introduced the META “NOODP” tag, and how it can help webmasters control, somewhat, the appearance of their results in Google.

Submit Your Blog To DMOZ
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Everyone talks about getting their blog or website listed in the free Open Directory Project, better known as DMOZ, but not everyone knows what to do about it.

Does DMOZ Have An Expiration Date?

At least a forum or two around the net has sparked some interesting debate surrounding the open directory DMOZ, and one of the more recent and interesting questions is about how much longer the Web’s volunteer-run “historical monument” can survive without corporate funding.

DMOZ Integrity Questioned By Editor

The Open Directory Project better known as DMOZ has long been a mainstay of the internet directory world.

Trouble at the ODP

The Open Directory Project is the largest human edited directory of web sites and documents existing online at this time. While many search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask and MSN maintain larger databases of electronically spidered sites, the volunteer editors at the ODP read, sort and classify all submitted content before it is added to their search-database.

Internet Directories See PageRank Removed

Internet directories function in a way similar to a university’s student directory or a telephone directory: it gives site owners a service that can bring exposure to their web site.

DMOZ Closes Site Submission Status Forum

The nature of the DMOZ directory dictates the use of human editors to populate the index. Because of this, DMOZ has been a topic of discussion amongst many who feel they’ve been treated unfairly.

Visitor Traffic: Ideas For Gaining More Blog Readers
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There are few things that create more initial excitement, than the launch of your brand new blog. You have built the best blog you possibly can, and you’re waiting for the visitor traffic to start pouring right in.

Get Listed at DMOZ
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When you are deciding on the major search engine directories that you want your website to be listed in, you should not overlook one of the most important ones: the DMOZ (short form for Directory Mozilla).

DMOZ: Rotten To The Core

I knew things were bad at DMOZ. But I guess I didn’t realize how bad, until I started eavesdropping on a few forums, and reading the avalanche of e-mails I received on the subject.

Did Google Bomb New Directories Online? Looks That Way!

A few weeks have gone by now and the results from Google’s new update are in. As we take a closer look we see a pattern emerging. It seems as though, older more established directories are being rewarded once again. Many newer directories / Resource Links seem to rank much lower. As we take a closer look at this, we start to notice some rhyme and reason behind all the chaos.

Yahoo vs. DMOZ – Directory Battle!

Where, why and for whom do web directories exist? Some of the hottest debates about web search revolve around criticisms of both the Yahoo! Directory and DMOZ ODP (Open Directory Project). Often these are general level complaints, to wit – link rot, inappropriate placement, difficulty in getting considered for a listing, their inability to keep pace with the growth of the web, lack of direct communication, just to name a few.

Google’s Trap, DMOZ’s Nap, And Yahoo!’s Crap

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In Defense Of DMOZ

Last week, WebProNews featured an article concerning the submission/approval process of the Open Directory Project, DMOZ. Featured in the article were comments from various forums about negative experiences people had while waiting for their site to be accepted or denied. After the article was posted, there were immediate reactions, pro and con, concerning DMOZ, editors, and the approval process.

DMOZ Isnt Open After All

Directories can be quite beneficial for those trying to increase the number of backlinks. If PageRank is important, directory listings can help improve your score. Perhaps the most popular directory is DMOZ, an open directory project that employs human editors for the submission/approval procedure.

Submitting To DMOZ the Open Directory

A very important step or the most important step is getting your site listed in the Open Directory Project (http://www.dmoz.com). This directory provides search results for many of the important search engines and online portals. The ODP is not a search engine, thus is not driven by a robot spider. It is a directory which is edited by a live human being and you must acknowledge a few very essential points if your submission is to be of success. How long does it take to get submitted? Some sites may take a couple of weeks and other may take half a year. So, make not of the suggestions below and if all goes well you’ll be in sooner than you think.

Why is DMOZ So Important to The Web?

DMOZ (The Open Directory Project or ODP) is a human managed directory that sends results or data to search engines. The human editors are mostly unpaid volunteers so getting your site listed at DMOZ might not be very easy. Sites have been known to take up to a year to get listed. Don’t get frustrated though, because being listed at DMOZ is almost as important as being listed at Google. Arguably many webmasters view that a listing at DMOZ is even more important than a $300/year paid listing at Yahoo.

False: The The “Google Dumping DMOZ?” Rumor

Is Google planning to drop the DMOZ directory? This search-shattering rumor came to my attention yesterday in this post from Minstrel, one of our moderators in WebProWorld.