Django Articles

New International Django Trailer Emerges With New Footage

Sony Pictures has released another trailer for the Christmas Day opening, Django Unchained. The new international trailer shows loads more footage, and is almost as entertaining as the first. Say what you want about Quentin Tarantino, his movies are always …

Python Steps Up In Django And TurboGears

IBM presented a two-part series on developing applications with Python, using Django as the framework in one example and TurboGears in another.

Should I Learn Python or Ruby Next?

I’ve been programming (when I do program) mainly in Perl for the last 10 years or so. But I’ve been itching to learn a new language for a while now, and the two near the top of the list are Ruby and Python.

Microsoft Needs To Move Faster, McManus Says

Jeffrey McManus, now an evangelist at Yahoo, replies to the eWeek article I posted earlier: Microsoft and VCs.