3 Discussions From Google I/O About Getting Your Product To More People

3 Discussions From Google I/O About Getting Your Product To More People

By Chris Crum July 14, 2014

Google has been uploading video content from last month’s Google I/O event for weeks, and most recently has been sharing one-on-one discussions with various executives. Following are three conversations, roughly a half hour each, talking about getting people to use …

Free (and Paid) Press Release Distribution Services
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I spend a fair amount of time talking with small and medium sized business owners about their web marketing. Often times these individuals aren’t ready to shoulder the costs associated with true goal-oriented web design, SEO, or PPC, so the conversation turns to, “what can I be doing in the meantime?”

Aside from blogging, posting on forums, and keeping their site content fresh, I always talk about online PR. Most of the time the people I’m conversing with have no idea that you can freely or cheaply distribute press releases online.

Radiohead Says Name Your Download Price

The real disruption in the music industry will be when more big name acts follow Radiohead’s route, by dropping the middleman and taking their songs to the fans.

TurnHere Signs New Distribution Partners

Online video solutions platform TurnHere, has announced more than a dozen new distribution partners for its online video channel BookVideos.tv.

Yahoo, Local.com Renew Distribution Deal

Sponsored search results on Local.com will continue to come courtesy of Yahoo, according to a renewed agreement between the companies.  And although no specifics were given, the agreement was labeled “multi-year” in nature.

AdSense Debuts Video Pilot

Publishers will soon be able to define at what point in online videos their streaming AdSense ads will appear. Most will have to wait a little longer, however, as Google is testing the program in a closed pilot.

Using Google AdWords & AdSense Distribution Data
Via Marketing Pilgrim, Google now offers a Placement Performance report, which shows what pages and sites your content ads are displayed on, and which ones are converting.

Here are tips Google offers on how to use this data:

Hidden Distribution Costs

I recently went to a soap shop in downtown San Fransisco called Lush. It is the most expensive soap I have ever seen, and a perfect product for the web. My girlfiriend asked the clerk if they sold online and they said yes, but don’t buy Lush soap from Amazon.com.

Tips for Content Distribution Networks

In the past I’ve written about the content versus links debate where SEOs seem to fall on one side or the other when assigning the majority of importance for search engine rankings. What’s missing from that conversation is the need for a distribution network.

YouTube Losing Viacom Deal to Joost

We should have suspected YouTube’s chances of signing a deal with Viacom were nil, when the cable company demanded more than 100,000 video clips be removed from the Google-owned video site.

Making Sense of News Distribution

Much has been written about the impact of social media on the mainstream media and the advertising industry. We’ve all seen survey-after-survey and study-after-study show declines in readership (and therefore advertising) amongst the print media, local and national broadcast television news, etc.

SCM & Distribution Guide

Supply Chain Management is a decisive element of good overall business management. To ensure profits, customer satisfaction, repeated sales and future growth a company needs to have an efficient supply chain management for any type of sales.

Sun and Avnet Strike Distribution Deal

Sun Microsystems and Avnet Technology Solutions announced a distribution agreement to offer the complete line of Sun StorageTek products to Avnet partners. Such an announcement has been expected since Sun acquired StorageTek last year.

Who Benefits From A Non-Neutral Net?
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The new question on Net Neutrality is “who benefits?” There’s been a lot of talk on both sides of the issue, and it can be difficult for those outside the Internet industry to get a handle on what’s true. Perhaps if we look at who is talking, and from what pedestal, we can better understand.

Melodeo – New Podcast Distribution Network

Melodeo starts up tomorrow and with a bang. Former U.S. Senator John Edwards is one of the first users.

Blogs for SEO
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In the past I’ve written tips about marketing business blogs with an emphasis on content, frequency and distribution.

Sending Personalized Microsoft Publisher Newsletters to a Distribution List

If you create an email newsletter in Microsoft Publisher, you have probably run into the same problem that I did – distributing the newsletter after creating it.