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Woman Walks Off Pier with Face Buried in Facebook

Maybe it takes falling into the ocean to convince someone they have a Facebook addiction – or, at least I hope. A Taiwanese tourist had to be rescued from Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne, Australia after walking straight off St. Kilda Pier late Monday night. Don’t worry, she’s totally fine. Let’s get that out of the way because the reason …

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New Jersey Town To Ticket Texters For Distracted Walking

While some states have already cracked down on texting while driving, and the NTSB and the Dept. of Transportation are looking to impose nationwide bans on cellphone use while driving, one small town is looking to tackle pedestrians as well as drivers. Police in Fort Lee, New Jersey, a town of just over 35,000, will soon begin to ticket distracted …

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Girl Falls Into Sidewalk Sinkhole, Learns Dangers Of Distracted Walking

Those of us who text and walk, or walk and talk, or Facebook and walk have plenty of dangers to worry about. While we’re looking down at our smartphones and traversing the city, we could get flattened by a car, smash our heads into a streetlight, accidentally tackle an elderly lady – really any number of accidents could occur from …

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