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The Integration of Search & Display Marketing

Yahoo! and comScore released the results of a joint research project, entitled “Close the Loop: Understanding Search and Display Synergy,” aimed at gauging the impact of search and display advertising campaigns when employed both independently and in concert with one another.

AdSense Has A Yahoo Killing Secret

Google has been quietly inviting some websites to participate in a Display Advertising Network, which will place some very profitable CPM ads from Fortune 1000 companies on a publisher’s site.

Googles Display Advertising Network
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Here it comes.

Is Bigger Always Better?

Should your company upgrade to grande? The monetary value of larger flat screen monitors is well worth the return in employee productivity, as proven in a recent study conducted by Apple Computers.

Google Still Irked Over Belgian Case

Google’s VP for Content Partnerships, David Eun, posted a long entry to the Official Google blog explaining the company’s approach to content, and its position that Google helps content creators while respecting their rights.

Things To Do When Your UI Is Dead

The web user interface for an application can make or break a website, so following some suggestions on developing an effective UI will benefit the site publisher.

FEC Boosts Online Political Bloggers

Campaign finance law will cover online political advertising, but other communication like blogs and email remains uncovered by the law.

Microsoft Testing Live Display Ads

With a goal of building the web’s largest advertising network, Microsoft initiated testing with 20 global marketers to display their ads across Office Live, Windows Live, and MSN Spaces.

Why We Dont Get A Live Google Display

Xooglers’ Doug Edwards explains why the famous scrolling display of Google queries, located in the Googleplex lobby, isn’t made available for public use.

Google Users Display Biggest Brand Loyalty

For years, the major search engines have been building membership lists by offering a diverse range of services to registered users.

My Yahoo! Tweaks Feed Display

My Yahoo! has tweaked the way it displays RSS feeds. First, each feed now has a favicon.

PostSecret Puts Hearts On Museum Display

The secret-on-a-postcard collection website has a show planned for St. Valentine’s Day, featuring over one-hundred never before seen cards on display.

Why do Search Engines Lie?

Here, do a search for Memetrackers (Google, MSN, Yahoo). Now, why are none of their numbers accurate?

Google Patenting Attention Data Display

Is your attention important? Google is patenting the display of it, the search engine journal is reporting today.

Dell Offering Premium Computers, TVs

The XPS series will have a lot more going for it than the rest of the product line, like dedicated customer support.

Playing in Googlebot’s Sandbox with Slurp, Teoma & MSNbot Spiders Display Distinctly Differing Personalities

There has been endless webmaster speculation and worry about the so-called “Google Sandbox” – the indexing time delay for new domain names – rumored to last for at least 45 days from the date of first “discovery” by Googlebot. This recognized listing delay came to be called the “Google Sandbox effect.”

A Portable Trade Show Exhibit Makes for an Easier Show

You can make your trade show experience much easier by using a portable exhibit. Since you control everything related to transporting it and setting it up, you won’t have to hire firms to for those things for you.

Motorola Debuts First Ever Nano Emissive Flat Screen Display

Motorola Labs, the applied research arm of Motorola, Inc., today unveiled a working 5-inch color video display prototype based on proprietary Carbon Nanotube (CNT) technology – a breakthrough technique that could create large, flat panel displays with superior quality, longer lifetimes and lower costs than current offerings.

Display Ads Increase Relevant Searches

A recent Yahoo study has discovered companies using the display ad method of online advertising can garner search engine presence improvements because of increased recognition caused by using these ads.

Displaying RSS Feeds

RSS offers webmasters a unique opportunity to display fresh content on websites. While publishing an RSS feed is a great way to generate site interest and increase communication, syndicating and displaying feeds from related relevant sources can also generate interest, increase traffic and improve search engine ranking.

Video Display Cranks it Up

Video Display shares skyrocketed after they said in a press release that third-quarter profits would increase 150 percent.