Google’s Blogger Adds Amazon Affiliate Monetization Option

Google’s Blogger Adds Amazon Affiliate Monetization Option

By Chris Crum December 17, 2009 | 7 Comments

Google-owned Blogger has added a new revenue generation option: direct integration with Amazon Associates to search Amazon’s product catalog and add links to products where Bloggers can earn commissions when their readers buy products they recommend.

Shoemoney & SEOmoz Debate Link Disclosure

This week everyone seems to be talking about the debate between Shoemoney and SEOmoz following Rand Fishkin’s post last week about disclosing paid blog recommendations. This continued when Shoemoney and Rand Fiskin discussed their opinions today on Net Income.

A Paid Link Disclosure Solution

There is a big brouhaha over Matt Cutt’s recent postings (yes, 3 of them) about the disclosure of paid links (big one here, another here, and one more here).

There’s been a lot of postings about it, with a great summary here by GrayWolf at SEOclass.com, some here by GrayWolf at Wolf-Howl.com, more here from Todd Malicoat of StuntDubl.com, more here from Matt McGee of SmallBusinessSEM.com, and another here from Andy Beal of MarketingPilgrim.com.

WOMMA Blows It On Disclosure Issue

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association takes aim at the blogosphere’s favorite target, PayPerPost, but Andy Beard found some reasons to be concerned about their choices of disclosure exemplars.

A List Bloggers Shouldn’t Throw Stones

There are a number of fatal, hypocritical or naive flaws in almost every attack on paid posts by A list bloggers and it is time to show them their Achilles heel(s).

Your Blog – Does it Have a Disclosure Policy?

With more pressures on bloggers to disclose their business relationships, Weblog Tools Collection points to a neat Wordpress plugin that helps bloggers set up their own disclosure policy.

Government Tracking Electronic Communications

A press release from FaceTime Communications stopped me cold today.

Scoble’s Phone Call with Edelman

Richard Edelman, head of Edelman*, called. He wrote a blog post about the Walmart/Edelman disclosure (or lack thereof) issue over the weekend.

SES San Jose 2006 Kicks Off Today

The Search Engine Strategies 2006 conference in San Jose begins today, and we plan to bring some inside coverage of the sessions to our readers throughout the week as a variety of noteworthy speakers deliver valuable insights to attendees.

Blogger Relations and Full Transparency

Shel and I had quite a robust discussion about the Wal-Mart and Edelman blogger relations campaign yesterday in show #119 of FIR: The Hobson & Holtz Report.

Disclosure and transparency: Its PR 101

Our little PR corner of the blogosphere is awash with opinion about the Wal-Mart/Edelman blogger outreach campaign stemming from a story in the New York Times on Tuesday.

Comments for Dan Gillmor – Bloggers and Disclosure

Apparently you have to be “logged in” in order to share your views with Dan Gillmor. Sorry, while I accept that’s your policy, I don’t have time.

Google Accidentally Reveals Revenue Prediction

Google accidentally left in notes that discussed predictions of revenue for the next year in the Powerpoint for last week’s Analyst Day. As a result, Google had to file a Form 8-K disclosure report with the SEC.

Blogger Disclosure Practices Tested

If nothing else, this piece in the WSJ underscores the argument that bloggers are not journalists, or as Brian Oberkirch rightly puts it, “personal blogs are not media.”

The Edelman & Holmes PR Action Figures

Richard Edelman’s and Paul Holmes’ discussion of the payola scandal are must reads.

Disclosure Time

Various companies are now offering me a chance to try out their equipment. In the past week I’ve received:

Search Engines Ignore Ad Disclosure Recommendations

The effect was not unlike spitting into the ocean. After a series of studies looking into search engines’ paid inclusion and paid placement disclosure practices and a string of FTC recommendations, a follow-up study shows that little has been done.